2017 Annual Meeting Award Winners

Shane Schvaneveldt (C) accepts the Instructional Innovation Award from DSI President Gupta (R) and Alpha Iota Delta President Paul Cronan











Special Recognition as Newest DSI Fellow
Manus (Johnny) Rungtusanatham, The Ohio State University

Dennis E. Grawoig Distinguished Service Award
Funda Sahin, University of Houston
Janelle Heineke, Boston University

Carol J. Latta Memorial DSI Emerging Leadership Award
Mahyar Eftekhar
, Arizona State University

Elwood S. Buffa Doctoral Dissertation Award
Deepa Wani, University of Texas at San Antonio
Investigating the Role of Internal Hospital Factors and the External Environment on Healthcare Quality Outcomes and Patient Choice
Advisor: Manoj Malhotra

David Dreyfus, Rutgers Business School
Essays on Service Disruptions and Efficiency in Acute Episodes of Care
Advisor: Anand Nair

2017 Instructional Innovation Award
Shane J. Schvaneveldt, Weber State University
Mistake-Proofing Miss Universe and Oscars Awards

2017 Best Teaching Case Award
Carol Prahinski, Michigan State University
Justyn Lee-Rodgers, Michigan State University
Chris Origer, Michigan State University
MSU Culinary Services: On-The-Go Food Truck

2017 Best Learning and Education Research Paper
Jorge Eduardo Scarpin, Concordia College
Vanessa Edy Dagnoni Mondini, IFSC – Instituto Federal de Santa Catarina
Marcia Regina Santiago Scarpin, Indiana University
Technology and Student Retention in Online Courses

2017 Best Problem-Driven Analytical Research Paper
Xianjun Geng, UT – Dallas
Yinliang Tan, Tulane University
Lai Wei, Shanghai JiaoTong University
How Add-On Pricing Interacts with Distribution Contracts

2017 Best Theoretical Research Paper
Shirley-Ann Augustin-Behravesh, Arizona State University
Angelo Kinicki, Arizona State University
George Basile, Arizona State University
Kevin John Dooley, Arizona State University
Uncovering Sustainable Business Practice Bundles

2017 Best Theory-Driven Empirical Paper
Nagesh Gavirneni, Cornell University
Niranjan T Tarikere, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay
Narendra Kumar Ghosalya, Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai
The Relative Prevalence of Supply Line Underweighting and Deliberate Discounting in Dynamic Decision Making

2017 Best Interdisciplinary Paper
Xiaosong (David) Peng, University of Houston
Yuan Ye, University of Houston
Xin (David) Ding, Penn State Behrend
Uncover the Black Box of Slack-Performance Relationship: An Investigation of the Impacts of Nurse Slack on Care Quality and Operating Costs

2017 Best Student Paper
Hsiao-Ling Chen, National Cheng Kung University
Shih-Chieh Fang, National Cheng Kung University
The Interactive Effects of Challenge Stressors, Leader-Member Exchange, and Positive Stress Mindset on Job Engagement and Job Performance

DSJ Best Paper Award
David Dobryzkowski, Bowling Green State University
Monideepa Tarafdar, Lancaster University
Linking Electronic Medical Records Use to Physicians Performance: A contextual Analysis

DSJ Best Associate Editor Awards
Rachel Chen, UC Davis
Yusen Xia, Georgia State
Chad Autry, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Jennifer Blackhurst, University of Iowa

DSJ Best Reviewer Awards
Mehmet Altug, George Washington University
Arash Azadegan, Rutgers Business School
Gokce Esenduran, Purdue University

DSJIE Best Paper Award
Scott DuHadway, Portland State University
David Dreyfus, Rutgers Business School
A Simulation for Managing Complexity in Sales and Operations Planning Decisions

Janet Hartley, Bowling Green State University
Karen Eboch, Bowling Green State University
Jonathan Gilberg, Bowling Green State University
Using Corporate Partnership to Enhance Learning in a Sourcing Negotiation Role-Play

DSJIE Best Reviewer
Dorothy Klotz, Fordham University

DSJIE Best Associate Editor
Cliff Ragsdale, Virginia Tech