Project Management Institute 2020 Instructional Case Writing Competition

PMI is pleased to announce its 2020 CASE WRITING COMPETITION

 Goal of the competition: PMI has a strong commitment to advancing project management curricula for both undergraduate and graduate programs. To that end, this competition aims to generate teachable cases and instructors’ guides relevant to managing projects for use in the ongoing improvement of project management courses in business, engineering, and IT.

Project Management—Creating Value for Stakeholders

The project manager’s role is multi-dimensional, focused on the application of knowledge, skills and techniques to execute projects effectively and efficiently. On the technical, strategic, or behavior dimension, project management is an organizational force, geared toward improved outcomes for project stakeholders. Specialized knowledge and skills, together with a distinct focus guide the actions of temporary teams on projects large and small. Your case entry may consider the use of project management as an organizational force in any context (e.g., disaster relief, international development, NGOs, various industries, etc.)  Cases may look to instruction in technical approaches (e.g. planning, budgeting, controlling, etc.), behavioral issues (e.g., communications, leadership, teams, etc.), or strategic concerns (e.g. legal, ethics and professionalism, governance, etc.).

The winner of the competition will be awarded a cash prize of $1000.  1st place and runners-up authors will receive an annual membership in the Project Management Institute.  All quality submissions will be invited to publish on the PMJ instructional website, though publication is not an obligation.

 Prizes will be awarded at the 2020 Annual DSI Conference in San Francisco.  Submission deadline is May 30, 2020.  Submissions are made through the 2020 Annual Conference Conference management System.  Questions may be addressed to either coordinator, Gary Klein ( or Heather Ramsey (

Case Elements:

Cases must be based either on secondary sources (publicly available data and documentation, including news articles, court materials, YouTube videos, and others) or on primary (field) research. If based on primary research, include a release from the company or organization (see sample below) or be fully anonymized. If based on secondary research, no release is needed. Fictionalized or composite cases do not qualify.  The case must include the following components, although sections should not use these generic sub-headings.

  • Hook
  • Company history
  • Industry background
  • Fully developed characters
  • Complete description of the situation/problem
  • Additional information as relevant
  • Exhibits or appendices
  • References, if relevant
  • An instructor’s guide, to include:
    • Abstract (150 word maximum)
    • Intended audience/placement/course
    • Learning objectives
    • List of discussion questions
    • Recommended teaching strategies
    • Answers to discussion questions
    • References, if relevant

Judging Criteria:

Cases and Instructor’s Guides will be judged by a team of expert case referees, selected for their demonstrated skill in case writing and evaluation, as well as their interest in and familiarity with managing projects. As this is a double blind review process, judges’ names will not be publicized prior to the announcement of the winning cases.  Submissions will be evaluated in a two-stage process as follows:

  • Stage 1: Cases and IMs will be checked for adherence to all submission criteria and quality of English writing.
  • Stage 2: Judges will evaluate and rank cases based on the following criteria:
    • Currency or relevance of content
    • Quality (depth) of research
    • Potential usefulness in the classroom (engaging and readable)
    • Clarity of learning objectives
    • Completeness and quality of discussion quality and answers
    • Contribution to the field as instructional value

Important Dates:

07/15/2020    Case Submission Deadline

09/15/2020    Notice to Award Finalists

09/15/2020   Conference Registration Deadline