Clinical Professor Career Consortium

Clinical Professor Career Consortium
Individual Choices and Institutional Structures – discussions around clinical professor career trajectories

11 am – 2:30 pm Eastern time
FREE to DSI Members – Registration Required

DSI will host a Clinical professor career consortium.  We define “clinical professor” as someone who is not on the tenure track – this includes those with PhDs not on the tenure track and those without a PhD working within the academic sphere.

Our goal for this consortium is to start a discussion regarding career issues within the clinical track.  We aim to share knowledge regarding possibilities and pathways, potential challenges and frustrations, and start a supportive network among the participants. We aspire to accomplish this through discussing individual choices one can make along their career, and institutional structures which can influence careers.  Through discussions of individual choices, individuals can start to explore opportunities and preferences.  Through discussion of institutional structures, we can share best practices and nudge our colleges to continue to support our careers.

The consortium will include two 1.5 hour sessions geared towards enabling conversations.  The consortium will be held online, and is free for DSI members. Registration is required and is now open.


Session 1:  Individual Choices: Major Clinical Pathways and Discussions Around Them
Panelists:  Jack Jensen (University of South Carolina), Satish Nargundkar (Georgia State University), Jan Zantinga (University of Georgia)

Clinical faculty can often create their own careers and thus there are many paths they can take. Some of the many focal areas that people might choose to direct energies include (but are not limited to) teaching, industry outreach &/or managing a center, school administration, and research. Panelists with different areas of focus will share the specific activities that they have engaged in that have led to success, career progression, and satisfaction in their chosen pathways. Following the panelists, we’ll break into small groups for conversations around these ideas and others.

Session 2: Institutional Structure: Clinical Faculty Policy and Culture
Panelist: Satish Nargundkar (Georgia State University), Eric Larson (University of Illinois)

In many schools, the role and promotion of the clinical professor is less well established than that of a tenure track professor. In addition, the attitudes towards clinical professors tends to vary by school and even by department within a school. Within this workshop, we’ll hear from select panelists describing both the formal and informal protocols relevant to clinical faculty at their schools. Following the panelists, we’ll host small discussion groups exploring different policies and cultures. This discussion is meant to be a sharing of ideas regarding different institutional structures to support clinical faculty.

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