How to Submit a Final Proceedings Paper Upload

Please revise your paper following the template located in the link below…

To be published in the 2021 DSI Annual Conference Proceedings, be sure that the formatting of your Final Paper or Papers follows the final full paper template.  Below are some of the common formatting issues that would inhibit us from publishing your paper…

  • Please be sure to use single spacing
  • Please be sure to use Arial Font.
  • Please do not include page numbers
  • Author information needs to be displayed on the first page of your document.

Please refer to page 6 through 8 of the Final Full Paper Template as these pages sample the exact formatting needed for proceedings publication.

Full Paper Authors can also publish just the abstract in the 2021 proceedings if they want their paper to be considered for publication in a journal.  Formatting rules still apply to publishing an abstract.

Please note, Final Papers for publication in the conference proceedings are for full paper submissions only.  Abstracts and other submission types will not be listed in the 2021 DSI Conference Proceedings.


STEP 1: Log into the Conference Management System and in the Dashboard you should see the “MY FINAL SUBMISSIONS” card.  Click on “Submit Final Submission

STEP 2: Download the Final Full Paper Template from the link listed on the screen.  Format your paper using the guidelines from the template.  Also, you can revise your document taking into consideration any reviewer comments on your accepted Full Paper.

After reviewing the information page and you have updated your paper, click Next.

STEP 3:  Update the title and the 100 word abstract if needed. Click “Next” when done

STEP 4: Edit Author information if needed.  Be sure that all co-authors are listed. Author information is needed so it can be listed in the Conference Schedule.

STEP 5: Be sure that your final paper is saved in the PDF format and upload it into the CMS by clicking on the Upload Paper button.

STEP 6: Select your final paper and click Open. This will begin the upload.  When your final paper has been submitted, you will see the name of the file in the window.

Click “Done” when finished.