How to Submit to an Award Competition

This type of submission can be submitted in the Conference Management System for only the following Awards:

The following Awards ARE NOT Submittable in the Conference Management System:

  • Best Paper Awards are not submittable.  Papers are selected for these Awards by the 2018 Track Chairs.
  • Best DSI Regional Paper Awards are not submittable. Papers are selected from the Best Papers Awards from all DSI regional conferences.


  • (NOTE: There are no word or page limits on your up-loadable Award document.)
    • Step 2: Sign into the 2019 Conference Mangagment: If you submitted to DSI 2018, then you can log in using your 2018 Ex-Ordo account.  Otherwise, setup your 2019 DSI Annual Meeting Conference account by providing your email address, first name, last name, and a passord in the “Setup your Account” dialogue.

    • Step 3: Click the “Submit Your Paper now” button under the Submit Paper window in the CMS Dashboard.
    • Step 4: Click on “Skip Start Workflow” to begin the submission process.
    • Step 5: Select Abstract Submissions.  Then click “Done” to go to the next stepStep 6: In the Title Field, type in the name of your paper.  Then type in a 50 Word abstract for your submission. Click Done when finished.
    • Step 7: Adding Authors and Co-Authors.
      • Select Yes or No if you are submitting as a current student
      • If you are an author of the paper Select your title.
      • type in the full name of your affiliated University or Organization.  DO NOT USE ACKRONYMS.  
      • Type in the country you are from
      • Select yes or no if you are a current DSI member or not.
      • If you have co-authors click “Add a Second Author” and repeat the above steps
      • Click Done to go to the next step when you have added all your co-authors
    • Step 8:  Select the track you would like to submit your paper to. 
      • Click Done to go to the next step
    • Step 9: Upload your paper.  
      • Fformat your paper according to the rules of the Award competition.  When done, save as a PDF.
      • From the Paper dialogue click on “Upload Paper” then browse to your Award PDF document, select and click OPEN.