Presenter Pre-Conference Instructions

For a downloadable PowerPoint of these instructions, CLICK HERE…

Presenting through our platform for this conference, Pathable, is very much like presenting at a traditional event: attendees will be able to see and hear you, and you’ll have the opportunity to display slides, a video or other supporting material as you deliver your presentation. The main difference is that you may be thousands of miles away from your audience.

As a presenter, you can use your home computer with webcam to present. You will have the opportunity to “share your screen” with the audience so that they can see slides or other material along with you talking.

Pathable, uses Zoom technology to power its live meeting functionality. We recommend installing the Zoom Client software for best results. You will be prompted to install the application when you begin your webinar, but we recommend installing in advance to streamline your presentation at show time.

All attendees will receive an email notifying them to join the 2020 DSI Annual Conference once the conference is opened. This email will contain an authorization link to claim your account. Once logged in, create your profile and set up your password. Be sure to add your photo. If the system does not recognize your email address, consider if you used a different email to register.

There are three (3) options for your session presentation. Synchronous sessions are the preferred method of presentations.

Synchronous (Live) Session
Synchronous live sessions are live streamed at the scheduled date and time. Presenters are on video during presentation and can share slides. Presenter use their computer and share their screen as they present. Session may be recorded.

Synchronous Modified (Live) Session
Synchronous live session live streamed at the scheduled date and time. Presenters are on video but choose to pre-record their actual presentation. Presenter will be introduced by the session chair and then they share their screen during session time to present their pre-recorded video. Session may be recorded.

Asynchronous Session
Asynchronous sessions are pre-recorded presentations available on the schedule at a specified date and time and can be watched at any time. Asynchronous sessions are on demand sessions with no live interaction. These presentation have a unique link and are not part of the scheduled session.  Attendees can leave author feedback via the Chat Feature.

The recommended mode of presentation at DSI 2020 is Live. Please select from one of the Live Sessions to prepare for your presentation. Only if you are registered for the conference and are unable to present at your scheduled time, will you be considered for an Asynchronous Session. Asynchronous presentation will require approval from the Program Chair and must be requested by November 6. No extensions will be allowed.

We recommend getting your machine set up at least several days prior to your presentation.

Install “Zoom Client for Meetings” for

Sign in to your account on the virtual event site when it is opened. Use the menu at the top of the page to visit the schedule, find your session and visit its page.

You may pre-record your presentation prior to the conference. Be sure to keep it under 12 minutes. This will allow you to monitor and respond to questions and comments via the Chat feature during the presentation. Simply be prepared to Share Your Screen to allow attendees to view and hear your presentation when you are introduced by the Session Chair.

Or you may opt to present live with PowerPoint slides. Again, be aware of your time restriction. Be prepared to Share Your Screen for all to view your deck.

You can upload files to the session prior to the presentation. If you want attendees to be able to view your presentation slide deck, abstract or paper prior to or during the session, add them to the Files section.

Important Note: On Mac computers, you may need to update your security settings if you wish to share your screen during your presentation. You can do this through System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Screen Recording. Check the option for

Pathable allows for any file type to be uploaded in the “Files“ section.  The file size limit is 10GB. Uploaded files are available for download by any attendee. Examples include the slides or video of your presentation, abstract or full paper, supplemental materials to presentation, etc. Please upload your files a few days before the start of the conference. Do not upload proprietary files.

To upload a file to your session:

  1. Log in to the app
  2. Select the Schedule > Agenda
  3. Locate your meeting and select it by clicking the card.
  4. Select manage
  5. Select Add New File
  6. In the Display Name field, type the name you’d like to be displayed with the file
  7. Click Upload to select your file
  8. Click Save

NOTE: Files must be under 10GB to be uploaded. Please compress larger files or consider a different file format. In particular, PowerPoint slide decks are large files, so consider exporting your deck out of PowerPoint as a pdf, which is a smaller file and maintains your file’s fidelity.

You can create and manage your own live, in-session polls.

To manage polls on your session:

  1. Log in to the event
  2. Select the Schedule > Agenda from the navigation at the top the page
  3. Locate your meeting and select it
  4. On the Meeting Details page, select the Manage button in the upper-right corner
  5. Select the Polls tab, then Add Poll
  6. Give the Poll a Friendly Name (shown internal only)
  7. The Poll Type can be either Multi-Choice (users select from your choices) or Free-Text Entry (users type a response).
  8. Complete all required fields and click Create.

Poll results will, by default, displayed within the app.  You may choose to hide your poll results from the attendees by choosing “Only speakers can view poll results.”

You may also choose to hide the polling option itself until the session starts by choosing “Hide poll from attendees until session starts.”

When it’s time for the attendees to use the poll, instruct them to pull up your session on the app, and encourage them to engage with the question.  You’ll see their answers appearing in real time on your app.

Displaying Results in Full-Screen

You can choose to display the Poll results in full screen mode by following these steps:

1.Select Polls

2.Select the Poll to be displayed

3.Click the drop down to the right of the poll (by default labeled Expand) and select “See full-screen results

4.The URL displayed can be used to display in Full-Screen, real-time results

Approximately 20 minutes prior to your presentation:

  1. Visit your session page on the agenda.
  2. Click the Manage button in the upper right.
  3. Click Start if you are the Session Chair with responsibility for “starting” the session. Presenters also have the ability to Start the session if they arrive first.

Click “Record to Cloud” (the recording begins) and start the meeting.  DO NOT click Record to Cloud until you are ready to be recorded. Remember the attendees will be able to see and hear you at T-1.

  • Check how your name is listed. Click More and then Rename it if it is not correct.
  • When other presenters or event staff are present, ask them to verify that your sound levels and microphone positioning are correct. Note that the microphone icon on the bottom left of your Zoom control panel will show green when it is receiving input.
  • Check that all are able to share their screens. Note that on Mac computers, you may need to adjust your security settings.

At T-1 minute, attendees will be able to enter the Zoom room. You may wish to screenshare a slide indicating that you will be starting soon, or greet your audience and let them know that you will be starting soon. We have provided Session Chairs a DSI Conference slide for this purpose.

Note: since it may take a minute or so for all the attendees to join the webinar, you may wish to wait to begin the presentation until you see the participant count level off.

When ready – click Record to Cloud and begin your session. The session will be recorded. Please remember to record your session!

The Zoom toolbar will appear once you have launched the Zoom application. It consists of the following controls:

  • Mute: allows you to silence yourself. Use this if someone else is talking and the system’s natural echo cancellation is not working. The up-arrow next to Mute can be used to select your audio input (e.g., switch from your computer’s microphone to a headset).
  • Start Video: This allows you to turn on your webcam. The up-arrow next to Start Video will also give you access to the virtual background feature.
  • Participants: Allows you to see the names of the people watching. You can also use this to allow individual participants to be heard.
  • Share Screen: Allows you to share what is displayed on your monitor with viewers. If you have dual monitors, you can select which monitor to display and which to reserve for your reference and notes.
  • More: Here you will find the Record to Cloud button.

  • Set your camera at eye level:  Often, this means propping up a laptop.
  • Position your self-preview window near your webcam: Use your mouse to move your video preview of yourself close to your webcam. This will encourage your eyes to look near the webcam, rather than off to the side, giving your viewers the impression that you are looking at them.
  • Check your light: The best lighting is diffused, from both sides and not overly bright.  Two small lamps on either side of your computer, placed slightly behind the camera, is a simple way to achieve attractive lighting. Avoid having a window behind you, as this may create a “witness protection program” effect.
  • Charge your headset: Ensure that your computer and audio equipment are fully charged.
  • Green screen: Zoom has the ability to create “virtual backgrounds” behind you. These are not required, but can be handy to obscure a cluttered background. These work best if you have a true “green screen” behind you, but it is not strictly required if your computer has sufficient hardware. Click the up-arrow next to the “Start Video” button on your Zoom toolbar to access the virtual background feature. Choose from the images provided or upload your own. We recommend nature photos from, but remember, keep it simple! You are the star, not your background.
  • Don’t compete for bandwidth: If you are presenting from a location with consumer-grade Internet bandwidth, ensure that you are not competing for bandwidth with others in your household. Someone may have to take a break from Xbox gaming.
  • Silence the interruptions: Turn off your phone and exit any programs that might pop up notifications during your presentation (e.g., Slack, Outlook, Skype, etc.)  Note that an iPhone, particularly, will ring on a Mac that’s attached to a phone, even when muted. If you have pets, children or poltergeists, take precautions to ensure that they do not disturb your presentation.
  • Consider dual-screens or split-screen display. One way to ensure your presentation is smooth is to plan for a split-screen or dual-screen presentation, where you display part of your screen (your presentation) to the attendees, and have another area that’s only visible to you, where you can view the Pathable app to see questions as they come in.

Here are some options!

The simplest solution:

If you have two monitors, you are set!  Choose the appropriate monitor when you begin your presentation:

Solutions with the software you have:

Windows 10 has a feature called Snap that you can use to “snap” your window panes into a side-by-side mode, then you can select which one you’d like to broadcast on Zoom.  Instructions and a demo video are available at this link.  Note that Snap and Split View are helpful, but don’t actually let you see both displays at once, once you go into Presentation Mode in PowerPoint/Slides.

Mac users can use the Split View feature to achieve this same result.  Instructions and a demo video are available at this link.

Mac users with an iPad can enable the Sidecar feature (information here) to use their iPad as a second display.  Note that we strongly recommend broadcasting your first display (your monitor), not your iPad.

  1. Confirm your presentation time(s) on the Schedule. The Pathable conference website schedule will convert to the time zone set on your computer.
  2. At 20 minutes before your session start time, visit your session page on the schedule. Have your presentation ready to share.
  3. Click the Manage button.
  4. Click Start if you are the first person to enter.
  5. Check microphones and ability to share screens with others.
  6. At T-1 minute, attendees will be able to enter the Zoom room. Wait for the Session Chair to click Record to Cloud and then officially Start the meeting. He/She will introduce you. Share your screen and begin your presentation. Keep under 12 minutes.
  7. Q&A to follow at end of session.

Desktop or laptop computer with at least:

Mac: Mac OSX 10.7 or later

Windows: Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7, Vista (SP1 or later), XP (SP3 or later)

Ubuntu: 12.04 or later

Linux: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.4 or higher

While it is possible to present from a tablet or mobile phone, it is not recommended.

For additional support