Professional Development Workshops


Behavioral Research and Experimentation in Operations Management
Sirio Lonati (HEC Lausanne) –
Best Decision Sciences Journal Paper Award
David Dobrzykowski (University of Arkansas) –
Xen Koufteros (Texas A&M University) –
Conducting Successful Mixed Methods Research
Aravind Chandrasekaran (The Ohio State University) –
Dealing with Messy Data
Hyunwoo Park (The Ohio State University) –
Integrity and Ethics in Publishing
Erik Van Raaij (Erasmus University Rotterdam) –
Meet the Decision Sciences Journal Department Editors for the Empirical Studies in Supply Chain Management & Retail Operations Departments
Xen Koufteros (Texas A&M University) –
Meet the Editors of DSI Journals
Sri Talluri (Michigan State University) –
Xen Koufteros
(Texas A&M University) –
Susan Wright Palocsay (James Madison University) –
Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning
Ujjal Mukerjee (University of Illinois) –
Social Networks Research
Marcus Bellamy (Boston University) –
Working on Big Data Using R     
Pradeep Pandem (University of Oregon) –



Effective Course Design for Gen Z: How to Engage Today’s Tech Savvy, Entrepreneurial Learners
Karen Eboch (Bowling Green State University) –
Katharine W Sobota (Bowling Green State University) –
Facilitating Effective and Inclusive Student Teams
Seth Powless (Earlham College) –
How to Incorporate Deliberate Practice in Course and Curriculum Design
Francois Giraud-Carrier (Weber State University) –
Amydee M. Fawcett (Weber State University) –
Stanley E. Fawcett (Weber State University) –
Innovative Teaching in Supply Chain Analytics
Yao Zhao (Rutgers University) –
Online, Remote, Hybrid or Flex? GIFT Exchange for Mixed Modes of Teaching
Ying Fan (University of Colorado Colorado Springs) –
Monique French (University of Colorado Colorado Springs) –
Paradigms for Women Leaders in Operations Management:  Challenges of Implicit Bias in Gender and Race and What to Do About It
Funda Sahin (University of Houston) –
Aleda Roth (Clemson University) –
State of Academia in Business Schools
Wendy Tate (University of Tennessee, Knoxville)
Sanjay Gupta (Michigan State University)
Manoj Malhotra (Case Western Reserve University)
Amy Hillman (Arizona State University)
Bruce Behn (University of Tennessee, Knoxville)
Paul Pavlov (University of Houston)
Teaching and Learning in the COVID Era: What Have We Learned and What Do We Do With It?
Vijay R. Kannan (Utah State University) –
Paul Cronan (University of Arkansas) –
Bertie Greer (Wayne State University) –
Scott DuHadway (Portland State University) –
Kathy Zuckweiler (Midwestern State University) –
Using Experiential Learning to Enhance Online Instruction
Yao Zhao (Rutgers University) –