Professional Development Workshops


Behavioral Research and Experimentation in Operations Management
Sirio Lonati (HEC Lausanne) –
Best Decision Sciences Journal Paper Award
David Dobrzykowski (University of Arkansas) –
Xen Koufteros (Texas A&M University) –
Conducting Successful Mixed Methods Research
Aravind Chandrasekaran (The Ohio State University) –
Dealing with Messy Data
Hyunwoo Park (The Ohio State University) –
Integrity and Ethics in Publishing
Erik Van Raaij (Erasmus University Rotterdam) –
Meet the Decision Sciences Journal Department Editors for the Empirical Studies in Supply Chain Management & Retail Operations Departments
Xen Koufteros (Texas A&M University) –
Meet the Decision Sciences Journal Editors
Sri Talluri (Michigan State University) –
Xen Koufteros
(Texas A&M University) –
Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning
Ujjal Mukerjee (University of Illinois) –
Social Networks Research
Marcus Bellamy (Boston University) –
Working on Big Data Using R     
Pradeep Pandem (University of Oregon) –



Effective Course Design for Gen Z: How to Engage Today’s Tech Savvy, Entrepreneurial Learners
Karen Eboch (Bowling Green State University) –
Katharine W Sobota (Bowling Green State University) –
Facilitating Effective and Inclusive Student Teams
Seth Powless (Earlham College) –
How to Incorporate Deliberate Practice in Course and Curriculum Design
Francois Giraud-Carrier (Weber State University) –
Amydee M. Fawcett (Weber State University) –
Stanley E. Fawcett (Weber State University) –
Online, Remote, Hybrid or Flex? GIFT Exchange for Mixed Modes of Teaching
Ying Fan (University of Colorado Colorado Springs) –
Monique French (University of Colorado Colorado Springs) –