Behavioral Operations Management

Organizer: Yinghao Zhang (University of Cincinnati)

Behavioral Operations Management (BOM) is a field of study within Operations Management that incorporates insights from cognitive psychology, social psychology and behavioral economics to study how individuals behave and make decisions in operational settings. The individuals of interest can vary from managers making cognitively challenging managerial decisions, to workers performing tasks in operations systems, to customers reacting to operational policies.  By better understanding what these individuals do and why, BOM can provide insight into how to improve operations systems in light of behavioral tendencies.

The field of BOM has grown tremendously in recent years, broadening the types of operational settings explored and the research methodologies employed.  In essence, this workshop aims at providing an overview of major developments, as well as inspiration for continued advancement in the BOM field. Workshop speakers include Prof. Enno Siemsen (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Prof. Ruth Beer (Baruch College, City University of New York), and Prof. Yinghao Zhang (University of Cincinnati).