Bringing Sustainability into the SCM/OM Curriculum: Sharing Experiences and Best Practices

In a globalizing world of limited resources and unlimited ingenuity, colleges and universities play a vital role in preparing students to meet the sustainability challenges of the future.  The imperatives of sustainability point not only to new course content, but also to new ways of teaching that content. Sustainability education is multi-disciplinary and plays a key role in creating and raising sustainability consciousness paving the way for a more sustainable future. In this context, many universities wonder whether there is value in launching a sustainable supply chain course and if so, what is that value?  There are many students that are interested in sustainability, but there are few jobs where they can put what they learn in a business school into practice.  A secondary question is what specific skills/curriculum should we teach our students and why?  If they want jobs in the area of sustainability, what competencies should they develop? This workshop will bring together a series of panelists who either taught or plan to teach a course on sustainable supply chain management to discuss the intended learning outcomes of introducing sustainability in the curriculum and how this can look like. The workshop will consist of two parts: panel discussion and then discussions in small groups around key questions identified in the panel (by both the panelist and the audience).


Eugenia Rosca (Tilburg University)
Wendy Tate (University of Tennessee Knoxville)
Andrea Sordi (University of Tennessee Knoxville)