Integrity and Ethics in Publishing

Scholars in management are under high pressure to show research productivity. At most schools, this productivity is measured by the number of journal articles published. One possible response to such pressure is to improve research efficiency: publishing more journal articles from each data collection effort. In other words, using one dataset for multiple publications. As long as each publication makes a sufficient contribution, and authors ensure transparency in methods and consistency across publications, generating more than one publication from one data collection effort is possible. With the reuse of data across many publications, there is a risk of crossing over into the terrain of questionable research practices.

The aim of this seminar is to draw attention to inappropriate reuse of empirical data, to explain its implications and to suggest ways in which to promote research quality and integrity. Based on two cases of extensive data reuse in Operations and Supply Chain Management, eighteen problematic practices associated with the reuse of data across multiple journal articles are identified. Recommendations on this issue of data reuse are provided for authors, reviewers, editors and readers.

After a brief introduction of the issue, we will discuss conditions under which data reuse across multiple publications is possible. You are encouraged to bring your own experience and questions to foster an active and informative discussion.

Preparation: Reading Déjà lu: On the limits of data reuse across multiple publications prior to the session is required.

Erik Van Raaij
Erasmus University Rotterdam