Learning-By-Doing: An Applied Approach to Inclusive and Effective Team Building I OM and MIS Pedagogy

College students are quickly becoming more global, inclusive, and diverse; a student body that embraces collegiality and teamwork. B-School curriculum should mirror this paradigm shift and particularly in the disciplines that have always emphasized diversity, inclusivity, and interdisciplinary approaches to problem-solving. One such approach is the Learn-By-Doing (LBD) model of instruction which focuses on applied learning to introduce students to real-world problem-solving techniques. Hands-on learning is a proven approach to building work teams both in and out of the classroom. LBD pedagogy is quickly being embraced by B-Schools of all types, locations, and sizes.

Participants in this interactive workshop will leave with a better appreciation of how LBD principles can impact student learning outcomes, teaching evaluations, and institutional reputation. Research in LBD practices linked to student learning assessment with be discussed including specific pedagogical approaches that promote student engagement, experience, and skill-building. Suggestions and specific assignment examples will be introduced and disseminated, and this will include approaches from various institution types.


Seth Powless (Penn State University- Beaver) – Sjp6036@psu.edu
Carol Putman (Penn State University – Behrend) – cld112@psu.edu