Presenting Business Analytic Results to C-suite Managers

One of the major challenges faced by an analytics team or specialist in the industry or in the academics is to be able to frame, present, contextualize, and communicate the results of their analysis to a very highly important audience – the C-suite members or the senior management of an organization. In this workshop, we describe and demonstrate effective ways of presenting and communication the results to this audience effectively. We offer effective methods, including but not limited to just visualization, and real examples of various situations where a particular way of presenting astronomically changes the overall effectiveness. We have gathered real examples over the years working with our client companies. Audience can take away our demonstration and apply in their own work to improve their presentation effectiveness right away.

Subhashish Samaddar
Workshop Coordinator: Presenting Business Analytic Results to C-suite Managers
2018 Annual Meeting of the Decision Sciences Institute