Teaching and Learning in the COVID Era: What Have We Learned and What Do We Do With It?

COVID-19 has led to unprecedented and rapid change in the teaching and learning environments of business schools. In this session, panelists from a cross section of institutions will discuss what we have learned and how this can be used to shape pedagogy and instruction in the future.

Moderator:  Vijay R. Kannan (Utah State University) – Vijay.Kannan@usu.edu
Panelists:    Paul Cronan (University of Arkansas) – cronan@uark.edu
                     Bertie Greer (Wayne State University) – cp7326@wayne.edu
                     Scott DuHadway (Portland State University) – duhadway@pdx.edu
                     Kathy Zuckweiler (Midwestern State University) – kathryn.zuckweiler@msutexas.edu