Accepting Rejecting Submissions

STEP 1: Accept or Reject Full Papers.

  • Log into the conference management system click on the “Reviews” link at the top of the page.
  • Go to the “List of Submissions” tab, then select Full Paper Submissions so that only full papers are listed.
  • To make your decision of acceptance or rejection, the Full Paper submission must have atleast one complete review.  Select a Full Paper submission. Then Click on the title of the paper to expand the view.
  • In the Expanded view of the submission remove any blank reviewer slots by clicking on the “Disable” button in the empty reviewer slots.
  • Once the empty reviewer slots are disabled, you are ready to make a decision. Click on the “Decide” button at the top.
  • For accepting a Full paper, select “Accept Full Paper” then click apply. then confirm your decision
  • For rejecting a Full Paper, select “Rejected Full Paper Submission” then click apply, then confirm your decision.
  • Each decision choice selected will send out an appropirate automated email message to the authors of the paper.
  • Click on “Publish this Decision” in the lower right hand corner of the selected submission to finalize your decision

STEP 2:  Accept or Reject Abstracts.

  • In the Choose a Track dropdown menu at the top of the page select “Abstract Submissions”
  • Select an abstract, then click on the title to expand the submission.  Disable all reviewer slots.
  • Select an abstract or multiple abstracts.  Then click on the “Decide” button at the top.
  • For Abstract submissions, select “Accepted Abstract Presentation” to accept.  or “Rejected Submission” to reject.  Abstract submissions should always be accepted, unless the submission is completely off base.
  • Finalize your decision by clicking on “Publish this Decision”