Assigning Reviewers to Submissions

STEP 1: Gather a list of collegues that are be willing to assist with reviewing papers.  You will need First Name, Last Name, and Email Address.  

Be to add yourself to this list. Full papers require at least 1 reviewer.  By adding your account as a reviewer will ensure that each paper receives one review, should you have difficulty wrangling in your volunteer reviewers.

  1. Log into the conference management system click on the “Reviews” link at the top of the page.
  2. To add yourself as a reviewer, go to the “List of Reviewers” tab and click on the “Add Reviewers” button
  3. Select “Lock to Full Paper Submissions”.  Click Done to continue.
  4. Import your list of reviewers into the system. The format should be “FirstName LastName”.  Click Done to continue.
  5. Look through your list and verify that your names and email addresses are correct.  Click Done, and you will see your

STEP 2: Assign your reviewers to your tracks.

  1. Click on the “List of Reviewers” if not already there. Go through the global list of reviewers and select the check mark by each one.  The search field is helpful in sorting thorugh the entire list of reviewers. Then at the top of the list click on the “Topics”.  In the context menu Select your Track and click “Update Reviewers”
  2. Go to the List of “Submissions Tab”.  In the “Choose a Track Dropdown” select Full Paper Submissions. So that only Full Paper submissions are listed below.  Select a paper then click on the “No Reviewer”.
  3. A window will appear where you can select a reviewer. Once selected an automated message will be sent to the user with login information and a link to log into the system. Be sure to select yourself as reveiwer to all submissions. You can remove yourself later if your other reviewers do not complete in time.  2 weeks is the recommended deadline.