Project Management (SIG)

Project Management is a Specific Interest Group (SIG) within DSI. The Project Management SIG focuses on temporary organizations within permanent organizations that consolidate the skills, talents, knowledge and capabilities to deliver a clearly specified product, service, or process. For the 2019 Annual Conference of DSI, the SIG will have invited sessions, each addressing a particular topic that generally features three or more presenters. The goal of Project Management sessions is to engage attendees in current topics of general interest. Sessions generally have time allotted for interactive discussion about the topic. Individuals who want to be a part of an invited session are encouraged to e-mail the coordinators,  Gary Klein (, Qiannong (Chan) Gu (, or Sheila Smith ( with a short description of a topic or topics they would be willing to present during a Project Management session at DSI. The Project Management chair will confer and work with those making suggestions to incorporate the invited sessions into the annual conference.

As has been indicated, the conference management system does not allow submissions for this SIG. Please send a short description of possible topics to considered for a Project Management invited session at DSI 2019 by e-mail to Gary Klein (, Qiannong (Chan) Gu (, or Sheila Smith (