Submitting Invited Sessions

This page summarizes how to submit an invited session.  Invited sessions consist of 3 to 4 invited papers that must be submitted separately by the authors, session chair, or the track chairs as Full Papers or Abstracts.  Once submitted to the requested track, session information along with the submission numbers of the submitted invited abstracts or Full Papers must be entered the 2022 Invited Paper Submission Form and uploaded in the last step of submitting the Invited session.  Below are the individual steps for submitting an invited session.

STEP ONE:   Log into the Conference Management System (CMS):

First submit the 3 or 4 invited abstracts or full papers.  Follow the links below for specific instruction of each submission type…



After submitting the invited papers take note of the submission numbers of each paper and fill out the 2022 Invited Paper Submission Form.

Save the form document and begin the submission of the invited session.


Click on “My Submissions” then “+ New Submission” Button, or click on the “Submit your Paper Now” in the initial dashboard after logging in.

STEP 2: Choose Invited Sessions Proposals.
STEP 3: Enter the Session Name.

Enter the 50 word abstract for the presentation.  If a 50 word abstract is not available, Enter the title of the session and paper presentation in the abstract field.  The presenter can update later after the invited session has been submitted.  The 50 word abstract is a requirement, and will be listed in the printed program.STEP 4: Type in the email address of the session chair.  If the session chair already exists in the system the auto fill feature in the CMS will populate the First and Last Name fields.

If the email address in not associated with a current user, you will need to fill in the Name fields manually. Links to add additional authors will be listed below the author form to add the presenting and non-presenting authors. Repeat this step until the session chairs listed.  Click Done to go to the next step.
STEP 5: After the session chairs have been added, then  select the Track where the invited session should be submitted.
STEP 6: Fill out, save, and upload a the 2022 DSI INVITED SESSION SUBMISSION FORMPresenters can then login and update their abstract and pdf if needed.