Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) has become a pivotal and transformational element in the corporate world as well as within the society. At its core, DEI involves decisions by firms that impact people (especially, under-served and underrepresented groups). This new track welcomes research that aims to explore and understand how DEI interacts with various elements of decision making. We invite submissions that will enhance our understanding of DEI through the lens of decision sciences, by answering questions such as (not limited to): Do diverse workplaces have an operational advantage? How can an organization utilize diverse workforce to unlock hidden/untapped value? Does a focus on equity alter a firm’s operational decision making? What decisions have a positive influence on a firm’s DEI performance?


Best Practices in Teaching and Learning – the art and science of teaching and learning in decision sciences disciplines across all delivery modes.  Key areas of interest include quantitative, technology-based, and behavioral research, as well as practice, conceptual ideas, and empirical findings related to teaching and learning decision sciences.