Curriculum and Assessment

The Curriculum, Assessment, and Inclusive Teaching Track invites papers related to innovative curriculum, assessment, and/or inclusive teaching in the decision sciences. Any appropriate research methodologies are acceptable including experiments, case studies, observations, surveys, etc.

Below are possible topic areas for this track.

  • Curriculum related topics: innovative business school curricula, initial program design, curriculum redesign, program purpose/positioning, or demonstrating the value of business education.
  • Assessment topics: meeting stakeholder expectations (accreditors, students, parents, employers, funding sources, etc.), effective strategies for assurance of learning, best practices for assessment, continuous improvement of programs, or studies of changes made at any level (course/discipline/program) due to assessment data and student feedback.
  • Inclusive teaching topics: pedagogical practices with explicit diverse perspectives, creating a variety of opportunities to demonstrate learning, using different instructional modalities to reach underserved populations, addressing social issues within the curriculum/course, or working with students who lack necessary skills (math, computer, soft skills, etc.).
  • Other topics might involve the innovative application of technology within the curriculum, comparisons of different course delivery modes (hybrid, online, in-person, hyflex, etc.), and comparisons of different types of assessments for the same content.
  • Papers about innovations in curriculum, assessment, and/or inclusive teaching which include practical implementation challenges, solutions, and lessons learned are highly encouraged.