Healthcare Management

The Healthcare Management track focuses on research examining concepts, strategies, processes, methods, and practices that enable healthcare organizations to increase their performance on several performance dimensions, including improving access to care, patients’ experience and the quality of care, improving population health and social determinants), and reducing the cost of healthcare. Submissions are invited in the general areas of Healthcare Operations Management, Healthcare Analytics, Healthcare Information Technology, Healthcare Supply Chain, and Healthcare Decision Making Models. Submissions from all functional areas within business are welcome!

Key areas of interest within this track include (but are not limited to):

  • quality and process improvement in healthcare delivery
  • patient safety and continuity of care
  • patient experience and service delivery
  • healthcare lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic
  • healthcare supply chain
  • role of healthcare policy
  • healthcare information technology
  • health care human resource management
  • analytic models for healthcare delivery
  • global healthcare design
  • healthcare for underdeveloped economies
  • interface between healthcare and marketing, healthcare and accounting, healthcare and finance, healthcare and economics