Information Technology/Information Systems

The Information Technology/Information Systems track is focused on the organization, development, strategy, and leadership of digital innovations and artificially intelligent technologies. We welcome research that synthesizes conceptual frameworks integrating information systems, operations management, economics, innovation, and strategy to establish the role and value of IT and artificial intelligence (AI) in realizing business value.

Potential topics include:

  • AI technologies and transformation of organizations
  • The digitization of processes, products, and services
  • Online marketplaces and IT-enabled disintermediation that transforms industry structures
  • Models of customer co-creation and co-innovation models enabled by IT
  • IT business strategy and performance
  • IT-enabled new product development
  • IT-enabled value chain innovations
  • Leveraging ITs for Intra- and inter-firm collaboration
  • IT-enabled entrepreneurship
  • Open and democratic development of digital innovations
  • Platform models and network effects of ITs
  • Leveraging AI and analytics for retail
  • IT architectures and governance models
  • Leveraging business analytics for transforming work
  • Neuroscientific basis for leveraging digital innovations