Marketing and Channels

In an era of transformative and disruptive change, brand management continues to stand the test of time as one of the most strategic imperatives in developing marketing strategy.  Brands are often the most valuable intangible assets many companies possess, often worth more than the company’s tangible assets (e.g., Apple, McDonald’s). Brands play a crucial role in shaping consumer behavior laying the path for a firm’s future success.

The Marketing and Consumer behavior track invites research papers that provide insights into how effective branding can help firms weather uncertainty better and engage with consumers in more effective ways. Following are some examples of the areas covered in this track (not exhaustive):

  • Pricing in the Sharing Economy
  • Brands as Market-Based Assets
  • Omnichannel Marketing
  • Market Research and Big Data
  • B2B & Sales
  • Consumer Privacy
  • Consumer Financial Decision-Making
  • Branding in Social Media

 All research methodologies (i.e., conceptual, qualitative, experimental, analytical and econometric modeling) and inter-disciplinary research are welcome.