Strategic Management

The Strategic Management track focuses on papers related to the formulation and implementation of strategy in all types of organizations as well as strategic dynamics in the marketplace. Submissions in the various areas of strategy literature, such as new venture strategy, innovation strategy, behavioral strategy, value creation, micro-level dynamics, planning routines, cognition, business models, data-driven strategy, etc. are also encouraged. All types of papers (theoretical, quantitative, and qualitative) will be considered. ,that A special emphasis will be placed on submissions focused at the intersections of networked models of strategy building and implementation. Submissions focused on the network and platform-based approaches to leveraging internal and stakeholder networks that improve economic, social, and relational performance are particularly welcome.

 Key areas of interest within this track include (but are not limited to):

  • Strategic Planning
  • Strategy Process
  • Competitive Strategy
  • Strategic Leadership
  • Corporate Governance
  • Stakeholder Strategies
  • Strategic Cognition
  • Cooperative and Network Strategy
  • Research Methodologies in Strategy
  • Functional Strategy; Global Strategy
  • Business Model; Corporate Strategy
  • Business Strategy; Industry Strategy
  • Environmental Strategy
  • Strategic Human Resources
  • Capabilities and Competencies Generation
  • Implementing Strategy; Performance Management
  • Environmental Strategy
  • Innovation and Knowledge Strategy
  • Behavioral Strategy
  • Network or platform based strategy
  • Stakeholder interlinkages and value creation
  • Technology and strategy interface
  • Connectivity as a basis of competitive advantage