Best Paper Awards

Track chairs will nominate the best papers that pertain to the theory and/or practice in their tracks.  There is no limit on the number of papers that a track chair can nominate; the only requirement is that the track chair must consider the paper(s) deserving of consideration for the Best Paper Award. The Award coordinator will carefully review the candidate papers and decide the winner and the first runner-up.

  1. Only full papers will be considered for the awards.
  2. Track chairs will, relying on the reviews and their discretion, submit up to six nominations for the awards.
  3. Track chairs will specify for which of the following categories they would like each of their nominations to be considered:
    • Best Theoretical Research Paper
    • Best Theory-Driven Empirical Research Paper
    • Best Problem-Driven Analytical Research Paper
    • Best Learning and Education Research Paper
    • Best Interdisciplinary Paper
    • Best Student Paper
  1. The same paper may not be nominated for more than one category.
  2. There can be multiple nominations from a track chair for a single category.
  3. The deadline for the track chair nominations for the awards will be two weeks from the review and decision deadline for the papers.
  4. Track chairs may submit fewer than six papers, and in case they believe more than six are worthy of consideration, they can submit more than six (to allow for tracks that receive large number of submissions).
  5. The best paper awards reviewers will review the shortlisted papers, and based on their reviews and rankings, the six winners will be selected.