Innovative Teaching

The Innovative Teaching track focus is on quantitative and behavioral research, practice, conceptual ideas, and empirical findings in teaching and education in decision sciences.  Key areas of interest within this track include (but are not limited to):

  • Game-based learning and teaching.
  • Excel, laptop, and tablets in the classroom and exams.
  • The best pieces that you teach in your operations management course.
  • Making supply chain analytics a better course.
  • Making supply chain management a better course.
  • Business Analytics; market-based jump or incremental student-based reforms.
  • Embedding case studies and real-life applications into the teaching material.
  • Animation and simulation based lectures and lecture captures for effective learning.
  • Flipped classrooms.
  • Available online resources – Ted, Khan Academy, YouTube repository.
  • Integration of material within and across courses, disciplines, and programs.
  • Collaborative, active, and experimental learning for accelerating the undergraduate time to graduation.
  • Teaching-based research, bringing research to the classroom.
  • Development of online quizzes and exams for traditional and online classes.
  • Technologies, tools, and procedures to enhance online exam academic honesty.
  • The Omni-channel of course delivery – conventional, online, hybrid, team-based, MOOCs, and the premium each can offer.