Professional Development Workshops, Panels, Tutorials, Etc.


An Introduction to R Software
Kedong Chen
Old Dominion University
Behavioral Research and Experimentation in Operations Management
Travis Tokar
Texas Christian University
Blockchain and Supply Chains: Bounty or Bluster?
Joseph Sarkis
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Conducting Experiments with Agent Based Simulation
Yuhong li
Old Dominion University
Dealing with Endogeneity
David Peng
University of Houston
Dealing with Messy Data
Hyunwoo Park
The Ohio State University
How to Identify Questions for Impactful and Sustained Research
Xiang(Sean) Wan
The Ohio State University
M. Johnny Rungtusanatham
The Ohio State University
Asoo Vakharia
University of Florida
John Gray
The Ohio State University
Thomas Kull
Arizona State University
Looking to the Future: Interdisciplinary Research in the Age of Big Data and Digitization
Janet L. Hartley
Bowling Green State University
Nada Sanders
Northeastern University
Jason Thatcher
University of Alabama
Mediation and Moderation Analysis
David Dobrzykowski
University of Arkansas
Research Forum: Complex Adaptive Supply Network Research Accelerator (CASN-RA)
David Novak
University of Vermont
Paradigms for Parity in Advancing Women Leadership in Supply Chain and Operations Management
Funda Sahin
University of Houston
Research Opportunities in Public Sector Operations Management
Gyula Vastag
Széchenyi István University
Research Opportunities in Supply Chain Finance
Thomas Choi
Arizona State University
Theorizing via Metaphorical Transfer for SCM Research
Yi Su Chen
University of Michigan-Dearborn
M. Johnny Rungtusanatham
The Ohio State University
Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning
Ujjal Kumar
University of Illinois
Understanding Africa in the Global Supply Chain
Adegoke Oke
Arizona State University
Using Bloomberg data in SCM Research
Matthew Schwieterman
Miami University
Isaac Elking
University of Houston Downtown
John-Patrick Paraskevas
Miami University
Uses of Data Visualization across the Research Cycle: Opportunities and Disciplinary Caveats
Elliot Bendoly
The Ohio State University
Research Funding Opportunities at the Association for Supply Chain Management (ASCM)
Mark Frolich
Indiana University
Crafting a Journal Submission that Makes a Theoretical Contribution
Wendy Tate
University of Tennessee, Knoxville
How to Turn Grants into Published Research
Barbara Flynn
Indiana University
How to Write the Introduction to your Paper
Sriram Narayanan
Michigan State University
Integrity and Ethics in Publishing
Daniel Guide
Penn State University
Meet the Editors of DSI Journals
Mark Ferguson
University of South Carolina
Cheri Speier-Pero
Michigan State University
Meet the Editors of Non-DSI Journals
Constantin Blome
Unversity of Sussex
Tyson Browning
Texas Christian University
Suzanne De Treville
University of Lausanne
Barbara Flynn
Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis
Thomas Goldsby
The Ohio State University
Gary Klein
University of Colorado, Colorado Springs
Subodha Kumar
Temple University
Morgan Swink
Texas Christian University
Wendy Tate
University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Paper Development Workshop
Joy Field
Boston College
Publishing in DSJIE
Matt Drake
Duquesne University
Receiving and Providing Benefits from Reviewing Manuscripts
Alan Mackelprang
Georgia Southern University
Responding Effectively to Reviewer Comments
Rachna Shah
University of Minnesota
A Quick Review of AACSB Accreditation Process and Faculty Involvement
Maling Ebrahimpour
University of Rhode Island
Effective Course Design for the Gen Z:  How to Engage Today’s Tech Savvy, Entrepreneurial Learners
Karen Eboch
Bowling Green State University
Facilitating Effective and Inclusive Student Teams Through Holistic Pedagogy
Seth Powless
Earlham College
Sarah Sengupta
St. Cloud State University
Integrated Strategic Management
Kathleen Fitzgerald,
University of Chicago
Teaching in the Global Context
Vijay Kannan
Utah State University
Wendy Tate
University of Tennessee
M. Venkataramanan
Indiana University
Norma Harrison
Macquarie University
Constantin Blome
University of Sussex
Teaching Capacity, Inventory, Queuing, and Operations Strategy using the Littlefield Simulation
Sam Wood
The Omni-Channel of Course Delivery – Conventional, Online, MOOCs, Hybrid/Blended, and the Premium Each can Offer
Eva Maria Ponce Cueto
Massachusetts Institute of Technology