DSI 2018 49th Annual Meeting

Role of Data and Decision Analytics in Global Operations November 17 – 19, 2018 Hilton Chicago, Chicago, IL We cordially invite you to join DSI, the global community of scholars in the decision sciences, in debating key issues for the future of business. Come and share your views with experts from the six continents! CHANGES […]

Negotiation Course: The Key Success Factors

by Guy Deloffre, ICN Business School – ARTEM Campus Introduction This article explores the way that international negotiation skills can be integrated into an academic course. The article explains components that are of the utmost importance in teaching such course to business students at the undergraduate and master’s degree levels. The main goal of the […]
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Information Security and Benford’s Law

INTRODUCTION Falsified numbers in tax returns, invoice payment records, expense account claims, and many other settings often display patterns that aren’t present in legitimate records. In fact, there is a certain pattern in the way a large group (list) of numbers behave that may be somewhat counter intuitive. One would expect that the ten digits […]
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From E-commerce to Social Commerce: Management of Reverse Logistics

Reverse Logistics Reverse logistics deals with the management of backward flow of returned items in the supply chain, from end users to the producer. Returned items can be classified into two categories (Toktay 2003): (1) Used returns, where the product has been used by the customer, including warranty returns, lease returns, reusable articles, product recalls, […]

Big Data and Information Privacy

  There is no question that Big Data (BD) holds great potential for a wide range of benefits for individuals, businesses, government, healthcare, and society in general. In the advent of the digital age, BD has helped facilitate urban planning, national security, college admissions, hiring or dating, just to mention a few examples. For businesses, […]

Message from the President

Dear Colleagues: I write, as I begin my term as President of DSI, for two reasons.  One to encourage you to read the latest version of Decision Line, which highlights the progress that DSI has made under the Board leadership of my predecessor, Professor Jeet Gupta from the University of Alabama in Huntsville (click here […]

DSI 2018 Annual Meeting

by Subodha Kumar DSI 2018 Program Chair Make Plans Now to Attend DSI 2018 Annual Meeting Chicago conjures images of amazing design and architecture. Now, as in the past, Chicago has always looked at the future, and futuristic monuments such as the Cloud Gate have become icons of this great city. Likewise, Chicago inspires us […]

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