DSI functions with four Mandated Committees as well as Standing and Ad Hoc Committees deemed necessary to carry out the Mission and Vision of the Institute. Committee members volunteer their time to direct and implement the goals of these committees.

In 2018 Board President Johnny Rungtusanatham drafted new committee charges as well as several ad hoc committees to better serve the needs of the Institute. To view the 2018-19 Committees and their charges CLICK HERE.


Fellows Committee

The designation of Fellow is awarded to active supporters of the Institute for outstanding contributions to the fields of decision sciences in at least two of the following categories: (1) research and scholarship, (2) teaching and administration and (3) service to the Institute. Fellows are nominated by Members of the Institute, recommended by the Fellows Committee, and elected by the DSI’s Board of Directors.

Finance and Investment Advisory Committee

This committee provides consultation and decision-making information to the Executive Director for the DSI’s financial investments.

Global Affairs Committee

Goals include: (1) develop long term strategies for the internationalization of DSI, including membership, regional activities, program content and (2) advise the Board on strategies for establishing international regions, attracting international members, planning meetings outside of the US, and exploring connections with international professional societies.

Information System Committee

Provides recommendations to the Board and the Home Office on technology decisions and regularly reviews DSI’s systems to assess for improvements.

Marketing Committee

Define branding strategies to market DSI on a global platform. Effectively communicate with members and the community at large the mission, vision and goals of the Institute.

Member Services Committee

Advise on issues relating to membership, ensure quality of membership and recommend new opportunities for member enhancement and value.

Nominating Committee

This committee provides a slate of candidates for Officers to the Board after review of potential nominees.

Programs and Meetings Committee

Advise the Board on policy and procedural matters concerning DSI’s Annual Meeting and other programs, and assists the Board in defining the objectives of and strategies for achieving those specific goals.

Publications Committee

Advise the Board on all policy matters pertaining to DSI’s publications, serve as consultant to the editors on operational matters, monitor all DSI publications, define general publication objectives and recommend specific objectives for each.

Regional Activities Committee

This committee communicates with and assists in coordinating the regional subdivisions activities. It aides in promoting activities and services for members that can best be conducted through the regions, as well as organizational and administrative support.

Ad Hoc Committees

Four Ad Hoc committees were created in April of 2018. They are DSI and AID Relationship, DSI and Regions Bilateral Presence, DSJIE Advisory and Social Media. Each ad hoc committee has charges relevant to their title and will report findings to the Board by January 15, 2019.






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