DSI 2018 49th Annual Meeting

Subodha Kumar, Temple
University, Program Chair

Role of Data and Decision Analytics in Global Operations

November 17 – 19, 2018

Hilton Chicago, Chicago, IL

We cordially invite you to join DSI, the global community of scholars in the decision sciences, in debating key issues for the future of business. Come and share your views with experts from the six continents!


Changes are taking place as the DSI Annual Meeting evolves to better meet the needs and requests of the DSI community.  As usual the three-day program will officially begin on Saturday morning, however an off-site excursion is being planned for Friday. Details to come soon. The President’s Reception and Awards Banquet will take place on Sunday evening, moving from the Monday evening timeslot in past years.  In addition, the Fellows Luncheon will move from Sunday to Monday, with a guest speaker to entertain and educate. The New Member and Welcome Receptions will remain in their original timeslots for Saturday evening.  Also, as in the past, registration will open at 12 noon on Friday, November 16 but will open one hour before the first scheduled session on Saturday, November 17.


DSI will be utilizing the Ex Ordo mobile conference app that will allow attendees to make connections before the annual meeting, create your own personal itinerary, view up to date schedules and receive instant push notifications should plans change. WIFI not available? Not a problem as schedules remain accessible. More details on how/when to upload coming soon.


DSI is now using Ex Ordo as our conference management system, therefore even if you have submitted to a DSI conference in the past, you will need to create a new account in order to submit this year.  Please visit https://decisionsciences.org/annual-meetings/national-dsi/submission-instructions/ for detailed submission information.


Full Paper Deadline: May 30th 2018
Abstract Deadline: June 15th 2018
Panel Proposal Deadline: June 15th 2018
Workshop Proposal Deadline: June 15th 2018
Award Competition Deadline: June 15th 2018


We would like to invite full papers, abstracts, and panel proposal submissions focusing on developing new knowledge across all functional areas of business and curriculum. Papers in these tracks are ideally positioned for publication consideration by Decision Sciences Journal and the Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education plus other high impact business journals and business education journals. Panels in these tracks focus on identifying emerging research topics, identifying leading edge issues, topics, and methodologies.

Big Data Applications in Logistics and Supply Chains
Business Analytics
Cyber Security
Decision Sciences in Practice
Finance and Economics
Global Operations
Healthcare Management
Information Systems and Technology
Innovation and New Product Development
Innovative Education and Teaching
Logistics and Transportation Management
Managing Risk in Supply Chains
Manufacturing and Production Management
Marketing and Consumer Behavior
Operations and Supply Chain Management in Emerging Economies
Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management
Procurement and Sourcing in Supply Management
Project Management
Quality Management and Lean Operations
Revenue Management
Service Systems and Operations
Social Media and Internet of Things
Strategic Management
Supply Chain Management
Sustainability, CSR, and Humanitarian Operations

Special Interest Groups
Data, Analytics and Statistics Instruction (DASI)


The 2018 DSI Annual Meeting offers many professional development workshops intended to help attendees become better researchers, teachers, administrators, and professional service volunteers. In addition to submitted workshops, highlighted below, are some of the exciting Workshops you do not want to miss in Chicago. Workshop leaders have been asked to make these sessions as interactive and hands-on as possible.

Behavioral Research and Experimentation in Operations Management
Paradigms for Parity in Advancing Women Leadership in Supply Chain and Operations Management
Communicating Business Analytic Results to C-Suite Managers
Best Practices in Planning a US Regional DSI Conference
How to Review to Become an Editor for a Journal
How to Publish in Top Tier Journals
Meet the Editors of DSI Journals
Meet the Editors of Non-DSI Journals
Publishing in DSJ Workshop

Awards Competitions

We have four Awards Competitions at the 2018 Annual Meeting of DSI in Chicago, Illinois (USA). The Best Paper Awards finalists will be chosen by the 2018 Track Chairs. Four winners from each of the following categories will be announced at the 2018 Annual Meeting of DSI in Chicago, Illinois (USA):

Best Theory-Driven Empirical Research Paper
Best Analytical Research Paper
Best Application Paper
Best Student Paper

Other Awards are directly submit-able. For more general information and detailed submission criteria for each award competition listed below go to the conference website:

Best Teaching Case Studies Award – note deadline of May 30 for submissions
Elwood S. Buffa Doctoral Dissertation Award – note deadline of June 15 for submissions
Instructional Innovation Award Competition – note deadline of May 30 for submissions


We are again continuing the Post-Proposal PhD, Pre-Proposal PhD, New Faculty Development, and Mid-Career Faculty Development Consortia in 2018. Below is the list of Consortia.

Post-Proposal PhD Consortium
Pre-Proposal PhD Consortium
New Faculty Development Consortium
Mid-Career Faculty Development Consortium

To apply for participation consideration, send an email to conference@decisionsciences.org by October 1. Visit the conference website for more details.


Professor David Simchi-Levi, Professor of Engineering Systems at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Co-Director of Leaders for Global Operations, is one of several keynote speakers planned for the Annual Meeting.  His presentation is entitled:  Online Resource Allocation with Applications to Revenue Management.  Following is his abstract for this presentation:

“Online resource allocation is a fundamental problem in OR and CS with applications such as offering products to customers, distributing jobs to candidates, assigning advertisers to ad slots, and matching drivers to passengers. These problems can be abstracted as follows: there are fixed resources, each of which can be sold at multiple known prices. These resources must be allocated on-the-fly, without assuming anything about future demand.  In this talk we cover the CS and OR literature on the problem and in particular focus on two techniques: exploration and exploitation methods, as well as competitive analysis.

In the latter case, we review new algorithms that achieve tight competitive ratios under the integral or asymptotic settings. Our algorithms are simple, intuitive and robust and our competitive ratios are provably optimal, for every possible set of prices.

In the former case, we discuss an efficient and effective dynamic pricing algorithm, which builds upon the Thompson sampling algorithm used for multi-armed bandit problems by incorporating inventory constraints into the pricing decisions. The algorithm proves to have both strong theoretical performance guarantees as well as promising numerical performance results when compared to other algorithms developed for the same setting.

Finally, we compare the performance of both techniques, exploration and exploitation methods and competitive analysis, with real-world and synthetic data from various retail applications.”

His research currently focuses on developing and implementing robust and efficient techniques for logistics and manufacturing systems. He has published widely in professional journals on both practical and theoretical aspects of logistics and supply chain management.

Mystery Speaker

Due to the nature of the presentation, one of our speakers will need to remain anonymous until the program at the Fellows Luncheon on Monday, November 19. Our mystery guest speaker has presented more than 2,500 times over the last 30 years to audiences that have included such dignitaries as Bill Gates, President Clinton, the Prime Minister of Canada and to hundreds of Fortune 500 companies. The speaker will address how to succeed in challenging circumstances and achieve best outcomes while navigating difficult decisions. A national speaker and author, our mystery presenter will share veteran secrets for engaging an audience and captivating the attention of a group whether communicating with students, colleagues or employees. So be sure your departure plans allow you to participate all day Monday!

We look forward to seeing everyone at the DSI 2018 Annual Meeting in Chicago, Illinois (USA)! Stay tuned for updated information on various tracks, panels, workshops, keynotes, special events and activities!

The venue for the 2018 DSI Annual Meeting will be the Hilton Chicago Hotel, 720 S. Michigan Ave. This hotel is centrally located and offers excellent access to restaurants, tours and entertainment, as well as tourist attractions in Chicago.

Again, for more detailed information and submission instructions go to the conference website.  I, along with the entire DSI 2018 Annual Meeting team, look forward to seeing you in Chicago!


Registration Is Open – Register early to receive the best rate!

Early Regular  Late/Onsite
Deadlines/Register By: Sept. 14
Oct. 29
Oct. 30 – Nov. 19
Regular Domestic/International
Emeritus Member
Student Member









As a reminder, attendees of the DSI Annual Meeting are required to be Decision Sciences Institute members. For information to join or renew your DSI membership, please go to decisionsciences.org.


REMINDER – Submission Deadlines

Full Paper Deadline  May 30, 2018
Abstract Deadline
 June 15, 2018
Panel Proposal Deadline
 June 15, 2018
Workshop Proposal Deadline
 June 15, 2018
Award Competition Deadline
June 15, 2018









REMINDER – Member Renewals

You will need to login to your DSI membership account first to be able to register for the conference. If you have not yet created your DSI GrowthZone account, please do so.  Remember, your old user name and password will not work.

To access GrowthZone for the first time members must first activate their account by doing the following:

Go to the DSI website (www.decisionsciences.org.)

Click on Member Log-In in the upper right hand corner.

DO NOT enter a User Name or Password. At the bottom, click on Create an Account.

You will then be asked to enter your First Name, Last Name and email address. This will generate an email which will be sent to you within 30 seconds. This email will contain your user name and you can then create your new password. This will bring you into the new system. You will only have to do this the first time you enter GrowthZone.  

Once you enter GrowthZone, edit/update any contact information we have on file for you. Do this via the My Info link on the left sidebar. There you can edit/add address, email, phone, Position/Title, Division, Region affiliation and Primary and Secondary Academic Interests. This information will be particularly useful as we move forward with our Colleges and Special Interest Groups. I urge you to update these fields, particularly the Division field, to enable you to vote for a VP for your division in the January Board election.

If your account is not current (e.g. you need to renew your membership), you should find an invoice located in your Account tab in the My Info section.  If you have not been a member of DSI in the last 12 months, you will need to JOIN again.  However, if you have been a member in the past, your account information may be stored in the database. If your email address matches what GZ has on file, it will find your account.   Contact the DSI Home Office with any questions – 713.743.4815 or email info@decisionsciences.org.

Reminder – DSI 2018 Annual Meeting Makes Changes

When making your 2018 Annual Meeting travel plans, keep in mind the President’s Reception and Awards Banquet will take place on Sunday evening, November 18 and the Annual Meeting Luncheon hosted by the Fellows will take place on Monday, November 19 – with our mystery guest speaker/entertainer. Be sure to attend both!

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