Lifetime Distinguished Educator Award

The Lifetime Distinguished Educator Award recognizes exceptional contributions to teaching and learning in the disciplines of decision sciences during one’s career. Contributions include:

  • Innovations in teaching methods, course design, curriculum design, and/or assessment.
  • Contributions that improve the effectiveness of teaching and learning of decision sciences disciplines within the profession.
  • Sustained, high levels of teaching effectiveness enabling students to achieve academic success.
  • Supporting and mentoring students for academic and/or professional growth.
  • Sustained personal professional development.

CONGRATULATIONS to the DSI 2019 recipients. (Note: There were no recipients in 2020.)

Paul Cronan, University of Arkansas                  and                             Jatinder (Jeet) Gupta, University of Alabama,                                                                                                                 Huntsville





Sang Lee, University of Nebraska, Lincoln
Victor Prybutok, University of North Texas