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Equity, Inclusion and Sustainability

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  • Social Sustainability Through Decision Science Lens

    This workshop includes discussions on how operational decisions can help enhance social impact. The conversations focus on complex challenges and new opportunities within nonprofit operations, social/humanitarian enterprises, refugee camps, and labor rights and working conditions, among others.


    Authors: Alfonso Pedraza Martinez, Priyank Arora, Sining Song, Veronica Villena Martinez

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  • Environmental Sustainability Through Decision Sciences Lens

    This workshop features research presentations and panel discussion on how environmental sustainability drives and impacts supply chain and operations management decisions and performances. Challenges and new opportunities are discussed for scholars interested in this area of research.


    Authors: Sining Song, Suvrat Dhanorkar, Gokce Esenduran, Priyank Arora

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  • Business and Climate Change

    This workshop explores the unique and under-addressed areas of business and climate change management. Participants are encouraged to share experiences about theoretical and methodological opportunities and challenges related to the study of climate change management, especially in operations and supply chains. By the end of the session, the participants (and ourselves) will have a better understanding of the key areas and features of climate change management and methodological approaches deserving our attention.


    Authors: Christian Blanco, Jury Gualandris

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  • Financial Inclusion

    Financial inclusion is the ability to access financial products and is crucial for meeting numerous sustainable development goals including the global elimination of poverty. This workshop presents work related to several randomized controlled trials in Africa and the United States that are using technology to bring people into the financial world.


    Authors: Chris Parker, Karthik Balasubramanian

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  • GIFT Exchange: EDI, Sustainability and Ethics in Mixed Modes of Teaching

    This workshop provides ideas and strategies related to Equity, Diversity, Inclusion (EDI), sustainability, and ethics that can be incorporated in your existing or newly developed classes. During the challenging time of the Pandemic and beyond, the workshop aims to share ideas that help you deliver a flexible, engaging, and effective learning experience. GIFTs provide quick additions to your courses and new ideas in the area of EDI, sustainability and ethics using multiple modes of instruction such as online, remote, hybrid, and flex.


    Authors: Ying Fan, Rebecca Duray, Monique French

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  • Taking Action to Promote Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging in Business Schools

    Many business schools across the country are looking for effective ways to promote Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB). This panel describes the DEIB initiatives developed by the College of Business at Northern Illinois University that focus on four pillars for action: culture, curricular, student success, and alumni engagement. This interactive session promotes more ideas and examples of DEIB initiatives and strategies to implement both within the college culture and within the classroom.


    Authors: Amy Buhrow, Young Lee, Cassandra Young, Martin Ndicu, Jocelyn Santana

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