Friday, February 21st, 2020

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The DSI conference is an event I attend each year. The opportunities the conference presents to me has changed over the years....MORE

David Dreyfus, PhD         Rutgers Business School

President’s Message

Dear Colleagues:

DSI closed 2019 with our 50th Anniversary conference. Congratulations to the 2019 Conference Chair Kevin Linderman and the Conference team. What a great way to celebrate our heritage and begin our next 50 years. As we move into 2020, there will be some changes in the editorship of our academic journals .… more

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DSI Announces New Board of Directors
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2020 DSI Annual Conference Now Accepting Submissions
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DSI 50th Anniversary Video

The Decision Sciences Institute shares its past, present and future via this video celebrating its roots, its leadership, its accomplishments and its promise to continue to serve its international community.

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SWDSI Annual Conference - San Antonio, TX
March 11 - 14

NEDSI Annual Conference - Boston, MA
March 26 - 28

WDSI Annual Conference - Portland, OR
April 7 - 10

EDSI Annual Conference - Lund, Sweden
May 24 - 27

DSI Annual Conference - San Francisco, CA
November 21 - 23

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