Wednesday, July 15th, 2020

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Attending the DSI conference has added enormous value to my career over the years. One of the aspects that I appreciate the most refers to the wide breadth of research areas and ....MORE

Dr. Adriana Rossiter Hofer    University of Arkansas

President’s Message

Dear Colleagues:

It is an honor and privilege to serve as President of DSI. Since my first association with the institute almost thirty years ago, DSI has played an important role in my professional life and development, giving me much that I am appreciative of...… more

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DSI Opens Call for Nominations for Board of Director Positions  More Info

DSI Opens Call for Nominations for Fellow, Dennis Grawoig Distinguished Service Award, DSI Lifetime Distinguished Educator Award, Carol Latta Memorial Award for Outstanding Early Career Scholarship

2020 DSI Annual Conference Now Accepting Submissions
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DSJ Announces Call for special issue - Designing Supply Chain Strategies Against Epidemic Outbreaks Such As COVID-19
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DSI 50th Anniversary Video

The Decision Sciences Institute shares its past, present and future via this video celebrating its roots, its leadership, its accomplishments and its promise to continue to serve its international community.

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DSI Annual Conference - Online
November 21 - 23


SEDSI Annual Conference - Jacksonville, FL
February 17 - 19

SWDSI Annual Conference - Galveston, TX
March 17 - 20

NEDSI Annual Conference - Hershey, PA
March 25 - March 27

WDSI Annual Conference - Waikoloa, HI (Big Island)
March 30 - April 2

EDSI Annual Conference - Lund, Sweden
May 30 - June 2

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Writing a Great Case

While writing a great case has some similarities with empirical research that is based on case study methodology, there is a major difference between them.  Case based empirical research is focused on understanding why a business condition exists, while a case is used as a learning tool.  In this article we discuss the issues that need to be considered when writing a great case, which is comprised of the case and a teaching note to complement the case.  The case and the note should connect classroom concepts and tools to the analysis of the case.…Read more...