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A Hub of Opportunity

Decision Sciences Institute is a professional organization that welcomes students, faculty, researchers and practitioners across a wide range of disciplines. Membership in DSI offers numerous benefits and unparalleled openings for professional development.

Support for Every Career Stage

Membership in DSI provides members numerous opportunities to network and develop productive relationships with colleagues, peers and leaders throughout the field. DSI membership also helps members develop with placement services and professional guidance, as well as with mentoring for members throughout their academic careers.

Active Professional Development

DSI’s Annual and Regional Conferences are essential gatherings for practitioners and researchers around the world, as well as for students and up-and-coming professionals seeking to further develop their careers. Our journals are preeminent outlets for cutting-edge research in the decision sciences and decision sciences education.

Members-Only Benefits

Membership benefits include discounts on registration fees for the organization’s regional conferences, as well as access to professional development resources and members-only databases.

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Membership Dues

DSI Membership Rates Regular Member

$45 – $175
Depending on country of residence

All dues amounts are in United States Dollars ($).

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DSI Membership Rates Student Member*

DSI Student Membership is FREE to full-time PhD Students

A Student Verification Fee is assessed at time of membership application.

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DSI Membership Rates Emeritus Member*

$25 – $90
Depending on country of residence

All dues amounts are in United States Dollars ($).

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*Student Members are defined as those who are enrolled as a full-time student in an accredited college or university and pursuing their PhD.
*Emeritus Members are defined as those who are retired from a full-time teaching position.

Based on the GDP per Capita (adjusted for PPP).
For a listing of Member Categories by Country, click here.

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