DSI Annual Conferences

The Decision Sciences Institute (DSI) hosts an annual professional conference each November for its members. Each two-and-a-half day conference includes a variety of research and teaching tracks, workshops, consortiums and awards dedicated to the decision sciences disciplines. In addition, keynote speakers and exhibitors provide relevant and timely information and presentations.

The DSI Annual Conference is an excellent opportunity for members to forge partnerships with colleagues, initiate relationships with those who can assist in career development, learn about publications and other relevant resources, identify opportunities for service within and further engage with the decision sciences profession.

We look forward to welcoming all participants with an interest in the decision sciences field.


We look forward to welcoming you to the first annual, fully virtual,  DSI Pedagogy Conference taking place June 25 – 26, 2024


the 2024 DSI Annual Conference taking place Nov. 23 – 25 in Phoenix, AZ.

Conference Awardsand Recognitions

DSI is committed to identifying and honoring distinguished contributions made by its members each year to the decision sciences profession. To do so, the Institute bestows a number of prestigious awards and recognitions at the DSI Annual Conference. Members may submit their work to be considered for Awards. Personal submissions are not accepted for Recognitions.

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Previous Annual Conferences

Proceedings for DSI Annual Conferences from 2018
onward are available for review. Later Annual Conference Proceedings to be added soon.

Regional Conferences

Each DSI chapter hosts Annual Conferences in its geographic locale.
Please see regional listings for dates and locations.