2020 Annual Conference Award Winners

Special Recognition as Newest DSI Fellows
Rohit Verma, Cornell University
Xiande Zhao, China Europe International Business School

Instructional Innovation Award
Xun Xu
, California State University, Stanislaus
Using Uncertainty-sense Embedded In-class Games to Teach Operations Management-related Courses

Best Teaching Case Studies Award
Mike Dixon
, Utah State University
Cali Christensen
, Utah State University
Rachel Leisek
, Utah State University
Quantum Frontiers: To Boldly Go

Elwood S. Buffa Doctoral Dissertation Award
Rakesh Mallipeddi, Tulane University
Subodha Kumar Dissertation Committee Chair
Essays on Operations Problems in Digital Economy

Best Learning and Education Research Paper
Rick Hesse
, Professor Emeritus, Pepperdine
Adjusting Forecasts with Seasonal Data

Best Problem-Driven Analytical Research Paper
Tony Cui, University of Minnesota
Yan Dong, University of South Carolina
Kefeng Xu, The University of Texas at San Antonio
Fan Zou, University of South Carolina
“Scheduled Delay” or “Schedule Creep”: Service Failures and Consumer Loss Aversion In The Airline Industry

Best Theory-Driven Empirical Research Paper
Ivana Mateska
, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich
The Role of Risk Avoidance Mechanisms on Media-reported Environmental Supply Chain Sustainability Risks

Best Conceptual Research Paper
Giovanna Culot
, University of Udine
Guido Nassimben
, University of Udine
Matteo Podrecca
, University of Udine
Marco Sartor
, University of Udine
The Role of ISO/IEC 27001 for Information Security: A Review and Research Agenda

Best Interdisciplinary Paper
Anurag Garg
, University of Florida
Emre Demirezen
, University of Florida
Kutsal Dogan
, University of Florida
Hsing Kenneth Cheng
, University of Florida
Financial Sustainability of IoT Platforms: The Role of Quality and Security

Best Student Paper
Matteo Podrecca, University of Udine
Guido Orzes, University of Udine
Marco Sartor, University of Udine
Guido Nassimben, University of Udine
Are Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives Worth Having? Empirical Evidences from SA 8000 Decertification

Doctoral Research Showcase
Dustin Cole
, Michigan State University
Does Leader Disability Status Improve Performance Outcomes for Workers with a Disability? An Empirical Study in the Apparel Industry

Emerging Markets Showcase
Attique Ur Rehman
and Muhammad Shakeel Sadiq Jajja , Lahore University of Management Sciences
Institutional Voids, Supply Chain Risks and Firm Performance in Base of the Pyramid: A Systematic Review of the Literature

DSI Regional Best Paper Presentation Award
Murtaza Nasir
, University of Massachusetts Lowell
Ali Dag
, Creighton University
Serhat Simsek
, Montclair State University
Asil Oztekkin
, University of Massachusetts Lowell
Synthetic Average Neighborhood Sampling Algorithm (SANSA): A Neighborhood Informed Synthetic Sample Placement Approach to Improve Learning from Imbalanced Data

Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education Best Empirical Research Paper Award
H.F. (Herb) MacKenzie
Michael J. Armstrong
How Gaps between Target and Midcourse Grades Impact Undergraduates’ Studying Intentions and Grade Improvements

Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education Best Teaching Brief Award
Zhiguo Yang
Xiang Guo
Teaching Hadoop Using Role Play Games

Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education Best Associate Editor Award
John B. Jenson
, University of South Carolina

Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education Best Reviewer Award
Francois Charles Giraud-Carrier
, Weber State University
Christian Grandzol
, Bloomsburg University

Decision Sciences Journal Best Paper Award
Julia Moline
Jarrod Goentzel
Erica Gralla
Approaches for Locating and Staffing FEMA’s Disaster Recovery Centers

Decision Sciences Journal Best Reviewer Award
Olga Perdikaki, University of South Carolina

Decision Sciences Journal Best Associate Editor Award
Tim Kraft
, North Carolina State University

Congratulations to All!