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Building upon the success of last year’s Buddy Project, you are invited to participate in the DSI annual conference “buddy” project. With more than 1,100 participants and myriad sessions to choose among, the annual conference can be a bit overwhelming for those new to our community. The Buddy Project is designed to welcome new members, facilitate networking and engage veteran members with those who have joined DSI during the past couple of years.

One of the most valuable attributes of DSI membership is the welcoming network of colleagues available for scholarly collaboration, pedagogical innovation and professional development. The Buddy Project lays the foundation for connecting the new generation of scholars and practitioners with the proud legacy of DSI.

Who should participate?

  • New members, including student members and those who have joined DSI in the past couple of years.
  • Veteran DSI members who would be interested in making new members feel welcome at the annual meeting and facilitating networking among the new members.

What would I do as part of the Conference Buddy Project?

  • Attend the annual meeting!
  • Conference Buddy Project participants will be invited to the New Member Reception at the annual meeting.
  • Veteran members should contact their conference buddies prior to the annual meeting to introduce themselves and coordinate a time and place to meet (perhaps at the New Member Reception).
  • Veteran members are encouraged to introduce new members to colleagues at the annual meeting to help expand professional networks. 
  • New members are encouraged to actively engage at the annual meeting by attending keynotes, meals and receptions, presentation sessions, and other events of interest.  The Conference Buddy Project helps ensure that new members have a group of new colleagues with whom to attend events.

Does the Conference Buddy Project extend beyond the annual meeting?

  • While conference buddies are not required to stay in contact after the annual meeting, many veteran members attest to the quality of networks they have built over the years through DSI.  We hope this project helps new members accelerate the development of those networks.

How do I sign up for the Conference Buddy Project?

  • The DSI Home Office will send a survey link via email in early October.  Both veteran members and new members who want to participate in the Conference Buddy Project should complete the survey.
  • The Member Services Committee will match new members with veteran members (typically a small group of new members to one veteran member) and email contact information to the members in each group.

Whom do I contact for more information?

Updated: November 15, 2018 — 6:07 pm

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