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Best Paper Awards

Decision Sciences Institute (DSI) recognizes and honors the multi-disciplinary strength of the decision sciences field with its Best Paper Awards. For these awards, track chairs nominate the best papers that pertain to the theory and/or practice in their tracks.

Submission Deadline: June 15, 2022


  • Only full papers are considered for the awards.
  • Track chairs can each nominate up to three papers deserving of consideration for the Best Paper Awards.
  • Track chairs will specify for which of the following categories they would like each of their nominations to be considered:- Best Conceptual Research Paper
    • Best Theory-Driven Empirical Research Paper
    • Best Problem-Driven Analytical Research Paper
    • Best Learning and Education Research Paper
    • Best Interdisciplinary Paper
    • Best Student Paper
  • The same paper may not be nominated for more than one category.
  • There can be multiple nominations from a track chair for a single category.
  • The deadline for the track chair nominations for the awards will be two weeks from the review and decision deadline for the papers.
  • At least one author must attend and present the paper at the annual conference.


The Best Paper Awards committee, composed of a chair and four experienced scholars, will review the shortlisted papers. Winners will be selected based on reviews received, the committee’s own review, and rankings.

Submission Procedure

  • Submissions may be made at XX.

Questions about the Best Paper Award for the 2022 Annual Conference of the Decision Sciences Institute can be directed to the coordinator:

Claudia Rosales | Michigan State University | rosales@broad.msu.edu