Data Science, Machine Learning, and AI SIG

DASMALAI Statement of Purpose

The Data Science, Machine Learning, and AI Specific Interest Group (DASMALAI SIG) within the Decision Sciences Institute (DSI) is a dynamic hub for academics to interact with practitioners. The DASMALAI SIG is committed to publishing high-impact research in top-tier journals, advancing the discipline through the DSI conferences and workshops. Through strategic partnerships, we aim to contextualize our research in real-world applications, ensuring its relevance and impact. DASMALAI SIG is dedicated to being a catalyst for innovative, impactful research, shaping both academic discourse and transformative advancements in data-driven decision making in practice.


To advance the mission of the Decision Sciences Institute; the Data Science, Machine Learning, and AI Specific Interest Group (DASMALAI SIG) is dedicated to fostering collaboration among academics and practitioners. Our mission is to facilitate the exchange of information, research, and best practices in the disciplines of data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. We are aimed at facilitating the exchange of information and best practices, striving to publish impactful research in top-tier journals, contribute to DSI conferences with pre-conference (and/or post-conference) workshops and within the annual conference itself, and establish strategic partnerships internally and externally to contextualize our work in real-world applications for the improvement of our faculty and graduate student members. The DASMALAI SIG will serve as a dynamic hub, promoting innovative, high-impact research, and shaping academic discourse while driving transformative advancements in data-driven decision-making practices in the realm of decision sciences.

Operations of DASMALAI

  • Organize a minimum of 3 sessions at the DSI Annual Meeting. Prominent researchers or practitioners shall be invited to participate.
  • Remain active throughout the year with various activities, discussions on topics of interest, interactions with practitioners, and creative projects.
  • Have a list of DSI members affiliated with the SIG and an e-mail listserv which is maintained by the DSI Home Office.
  • Conduct elections and inform the Board of its election procedures.
  • Provide an annual report on the SIG and its activities to the DSI Board and DSI members affiliated with the SIG.

Founding Chair

Asil Oztekin

VP Publications

Asil Oztekin
University of Massachusetts Lowell

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