Data, Analytics and Statistics Instruction

DASI Statement of Purpose

The purpose of the DASI SIG is to organize sessions at DSI that are related to instruction and practice in the areas of using data for the purposes of obtaining valuable information that can assist with decision making. Analytics and statistics are analysis disciplines that use data for decision making.


To further the mission of the Decision Sciences Institute, the DASI SIG shall conduct activities to provide for the exchange of information among those who extend, apply, and teach disciplines that utilize data, analytics and statistics instruction.

Operations of DASI SIG

The DASI SIG shall

  • Organize a minimum of 3 invited sessions at the DSI Annual Meeting. Individuals active in data, analytics and statistics instruction shall be invited to participate.
  • Remain active throughout the year with various activities, discussions on topics of interest, interactions with practitioners, and creative projects.
  • Have a list of DSI members affiliated with the SIG and an e-mail listserv which is maintained by the DSI Home Office.
  • Conduct elections and inform the Board of its election procedures.
  • Provide an annual report on the SIG and its activities to the DSI Board and DSI members affiliated with the SIG.
A Specific Interest Group in the Decision Sciences Institute

(Formerly Making Statistics More Effective in Schools of Business)

by Dr. Robert L. Andrews, Department of Supply Chain Management and Analytics, Virginia Commonwealth University, track co-chair for the DSI DASI SIG.

The most recent sets of DASI sessions were at the2022 and  2023 DSI conferences, the virtual 2020 and 2021 DSI conferences, 2019 in New Orleans, Louisiana, 2018 SEDSI meeting in Wilmington, North Carolina, the 2017 DSI meeting in Washington, DC, the 2017 SEDSI meeting in Charleston, South Carolina, the 2016 DSI meeting in Austin, Texas and the 2016 sessions at SEDSI in Williamsburg, Virginia. Note that the DASI sessions are invited sessions and do not rely on creating sessions from items submitted through the respective conference management systems. The next set of DASI sessions will be held at the 2023 DSI conference in Atlanta, Georgia. (NOTE:  If you are interested in presenting in the DASI Track at the DSI Annual Conference, please contact Dr. Robert Andrews before the abstract submission deadline.

The Data, Analytics and Statistics Instruction SIG prior to 2016 used the name Making Statistics More Effective in Schools of Business, MSMESB. MSMESB had a prior history before becoming a part of the Decision Sciences Institute.

History of Making Statistics More Effective in Schools of Business

Making Statistics More Effective in Schools of Business (MSMESB) conferences began in 1986 at the University of Chicago. Subsequently, standalone conferences were held annually. The group’s name, coined by Harry Roberts, conveys the need for statisticians to do something to make statistics more effective, especially in schools of business. Since its inception, MSMESB has focused on improving the teaching of statistics and statistical thinking, on cross-disciplinary research, and cross-pollination between academia and industry, and on continuous improvement in business education.

While these standalone MSMESB meetings were held John McKenzie would organize a session that would summarize and promote the MSMESB annual meetings at the Decision Sciences Institute annual meeting. After the cessation of holding standalone MSMESB meetings; John McKenzie, Keith Ord and Bob Andrews organized statistics oriented sessions in a mini-conference at the annual Decision Sciences Institute meeting. Also MSMESB sessions have been held at the annual Joint Statistical Meeting.

During the 2009-10 academic year, the Decision Sciences Institute made Making Statistics More Effective in Schools of Business (MSMESB) one of the Institute’s original Specific Interest Groups (SIG). By the 2015 DSI annual meeting, it was one of the two functioning SIGs. The MSMESB DSI SIG has mainly focused on sessions at the DSI annual meeting and the annual meeting of the Southeast region of DSI (SEDSI).

At the 2015 DSI annual meeting, the MSMESB SIG members decided to change the name of the SIG. There was unanimous agreement that the original name no longer reflected the breadth of the current focus and activities of the SIG. While statistics education issues have remained an important part of the group’s focus, this group has been the leader within DSI for promoting analytics and the effective use of data for decision making. Also the current focus has mainly been on instruction/education rather than research and these sessions have been well attended at DSI meetings. After a lengthy brain-storming session that included consideration of the acronym for the name, consensus formed for Data, Analytics and Statistics Instruction, DASI.

DASI Brown Bag Series

UPCOMING SESSION - Introducing Generative AI into Analytics Classes

Join us August 5, 2025 at 1 pm eastern time online.  Topic: The ability and popularity of generative AI are noteworthy, and increasingly it is important for students to understand how LLMs work and how they might be used.  This session will introduce a framework for explaining AI, consistent with the SOAR analytics model, and emphasize the role of prompt engineering in addressing analytics questions in the classroom.  Join in on this DASI discussion with Vern Richardson as we explore this topic together! Free to all but registration is required.

What's the Best Approach for the Use of ChatGPT for University Classes in Analytics, Statistics, Programming or Other Topics that Address Data Use?

This online discussion, including a panel of experienced teachers, offer their comments on the topic question. Hosted by Dr. Robert Andrews, Virginia Commonwealth University and Kellie Keeling, University of Denver.

How Will ChatGPT Affect Data Analysis Instruction?

In this DASI online session a panel of experienced teachers:  Bob Andrews (Virginia Commonwealth U.), Kellie Keeling (University of Denver), Paul Brooks (Virginia Commonwealth University), Bob McQuaid (Pepperdine University) & Bob Stine (Wharton School), give their comments and then open up the discussion to those attending on how ChatGPT will affect data analysis instruction.

Data, Analytics and Statistics Instruction

This session, led by Dr. Robert Andrews, Professor Emeritus, Virginia Commonwealth University and founding chair of the DSI DASI SIG, focuses on downloadable datasets. Participants submitted links and descriptions of datasets they have found useful as well, to assist in the compilation of a master list for sharing.

Effective Communication of Analysis Results

Hosted by Robert Andrews (Professor Emeritus), Stephen Custer, (Professor), and Wilma Andrews, (Professor Emeritus) at Virginia Commonwealth University.

Vertical Slice

Led by Andrew Schwarz of L.S.U., this session shares the value of engaging statistics and analytics students by augmenting instruction with cloud-based, serious business games designed for an active learning environment.

DASI Webinars

Teaching with Python and the Jupyter Notebook

DASI & MSMESB sessions at DSI meetings

  • DASI@SEDSI2018 | Website with a list of sessions and presentations for 2018 SEDSI meeting in Wilmington, NC
  • DASI@DSI2017 | Website with a list of sessions and presentations for 2017 DSI meeting in Washington, DC
  • DASI@SEDSI2017 | Website with a list of sessions and presentations for 2017 SEDSI meeting in Charleston, SC
  • DASI@DSI2016 | Website with a list of sessions and presentations at 2016 DSI meeting in Austin, TX with slides for some presentations
  • DASI@SEDSI2016 | Website with a list of sessions and presentations for 2016 SEDSI meeting in Williamsburg, VA
  • MSMESB@DSI2015 | Website with a list of sessions and presentations at 2015 DSI meeting in Seattle, WA with slides for some presentations
  • MSMESB@SEDSI2014 | Website with a list of sessions and presentations for 2014 SEDSI meeting in Wilmington, NC
  • MSMESB@DSI2013 | Website with a list of sessions and presentations at 2013 DSI meeting in Baltimore, MD with slides for some presentations

Founding Chair

Robert Andrews
Robert Andrews
Virginia Commonwealth University

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