Disruption & Resilience SIG

DiRe Statement of Purpose

The Disruption & Resilience (DiRe) Special Interest Group of the Decision Science Institute is dedicated to understanding and addressing the complex risks that threaten communities globally. The DiRe SIG is focused on the full spectrum of prevention, detection, mitigation, and response to disruptions of all types that impact societal, environmental or economic outcomes. This community promotes research and exploration using a variety of methodologies.


To further the mission of the Decision Sciences Institute, the DiRe SIG shall conduct activities to provide for the exchange of information among those who extend, apply, and teach disciplines of the SIG.  The DiRe SIG is dedicated to understanding and addressing the complex risks that threaten communities globally.  This interdisciplinary SIG focuses on the full spectrum of prevention, mitigation, and response to disuptions of all types, impacting societal, environmental and/or economic outcomes.  DiRe also embraces a diversity of methodologies to support its research mission, with applications including to but not limited to risk management, humanitarian logistics, reliability and resilience in the context of complex systems, and emergency management.

Operations of DiRe

  • Organize a minimum of 3 sessions at the DSI Annual Meeting. Prominent researchers or practitioners shall be invited to participate.
  • Remain active throughout the year with various activities, discussions on topics of interest, interactions with practitioners, and creative projects.
  • Have a list of DSI members affiliated with the SIG and an e-mail listserv which is maintained by the DSI Home Office.
  • Conduct elections and inform the Board of its election procedures.
  • Provide an annual report on the SIG and its activities to the DSI Board and DSI members affiliated with the SIG.

Founding Chair

Natalie Simpson

Immediate Past President

Natalie Simpson
State University of New York Buffalo

Discover How To Become Part of the DiRe Community

Contact the Founding Chair, Natalie Simpson at nsimpson@buffalo.edu.