DSI Regions

DSI is committed to reaching an international community of scholars and practitioners. To assist in this endeavor, DSI operates with three Divisions - Americas, Asia and Pacific, and Europe - and subdivisions or regions within these Divisions.  Three broad principles guide the interactions between DSI and its regions:

Principle 1: All activities DSI and its regions engage in should be mutually beneficial to both DSI and its regions.
Principle 2: Substantive and meaningful presence from both DSI and its regions will be fostered and supported as all work to provide value for DSI members.
Principle 3: Decisions made for regional activity should be jointly coordinated to avoid territorial and programmatic conflicts.

Regions hold annual meetings and conferences, under the joint guidance of their respective governance boards and DSI.  Officers and elected members of these Regional governance boards must be Regular Members of DSI.  With DSI recently ratifying new Bylaws, the outdated governance documents of regions are now being updated and will be available soon.




Asia and Pacific