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The designation of Fellow is awarded to an active DSI member who: (1) is an eminent scholar in the field of decision sciences, and (2) is actively involved in the activities of the Institute beyond attending and making presentations at conferences.   This designation is for recognition only and does not constitute a class of membership or any other official status in the Institute.

To qualify as a Fellow, the member must have distinguished herself/himself as an eminent scholar in her/his field, as evidenced by substantive research contributions. Typical dimensions employed by the committee to evaluate such contributions include high-quality publications, research awards, citation counts, editorial positions, keynote speeches at academic conferences, and invitations by research universities to present research colloquia.

An active member of the Institute is one who has been a leader and contributor to the vision, mission and activities of the Institute.  Criteria employed to assess the level of such activity include conference leadership, DSI committee involvement, and DSI board membership.

Fellows are nominated by Members of the Institute, recommended by the Fellows Committee, and elected by the Institute’s Board of Directors. A nominee for Fellow must not receive more than two negative votes to be recommended by the Fellows Committee and must be approved by two-thirds vote of the Board of Directors to be elected. No more than 0.4 percent of the Regular membership may be elected as Fellows in any one year.

2023 DSI Fellows

Congratulations to Xenophon Koufteros, Texas A&M University and Kevin Linderman, Penn State University, designated as DSI Fellows at the DSI 2023 Annual Conference held in Atlanta, GA  November 18 – 20.

Xenophon Koufteros | Texas A&M University

Kevin Linderman | Penn State University

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DSI Fellows

2022 - 2021

2022 | Jan Olhager
2021 | Mark Ferguson


2020 | Rohit Verma, Xiande Zhao
2019 | Srinivas Talluri, Morgan Swink, Kathryn Stecke
2018 | Shawnee Vickery
2017 | M. Johnny Rungtusanatham
2016 | No recipient selected


2015 | No recipient selected
2014 | No recipient selected
2013 | Asoo Vakharia
2012 | Soumen Ghosh, Timothy L.  Smunt
2011 | Maling Ebrahimpour, Peter T. Ward
2010 | Clyde Holsapple


2009 | Cliff Ragsdale
2008 | Nada Sanders, Thomas W. Jones, Janelle Heineke
2007 | Kwei Tang, Manoj Malhotra, Julie E. Kendall
2006 | Marc Schniederjans, Gary Klein
2005 | Christopher Voss, Aleda Roth
2004 | No recipient selected


2003 | Roger Schroeder, Carol J. Latta
2002 | Barbara Flynn
2001 | Marvin Troutt, Kenneth E. Kendall, Benito Flores
2000 | Anne Koehler, Lori Franz, K. Roscoe Davis, P. George Benson
1999 | Paul C. Nutt, Kee Young Kim
1998 | David Olson, Ram Narasimhan, Everett E. Adam, Jr.


1997 | F. Robert Jacobs, Jatinder (Jeet) Gupta
1996 | Terry Rakes, R. Lawrence LaForge
1995 | No recipient selected
1994 | Ernest Houck, Lester Digman
1993 | P. George Benson
1992–1993 | Chan K. Hahn, Marion G. Sobol, Urban Wemmerlov


1991–1992 | James M. Clapper, Kent B. Monroe, Robert W. Zmud
1990–1991 | Jack C. Haya, Naresh K. Malhotra, William C. Perkins, Betty Jones Whitten
1989–1990 | James R. Evans, Vincent A. Mabert, Jeffrey G. Miller
1988–1989 | Lee J. Krajewski, Ronald J. Ebert, Max S. Wortman, Jr.


1987–1988 | Richard B. Chase, Fred Luthans, Larry P. Ritzman, William Wasserman, Steven C. Wheelwright
1986–1987 | Arthur J. Keown
1985–1986 | K Roscoe Davis, V. Thomas Dock, William  R. King, Linda G. Sprague
1984–1985 | Harvey J. Brightman, James E. Reinmuth, John W. Slocum JR., Bernard W. Taylor III


1983–1984 | Norman Chervany, Ward Edwards, George Phillippatos, Howard Raiffa, Earle Steinberg
1982–1983 | Fred Glover, D. Clay Whybark, Herbert Moskowitz, W. Clay Hamner, Robert Woolsey
1981–1982 | J. Daniel Couger, Richard Gonzalez, Paul Green, George Huber, Andrew Vazsonyi


1980–1981 | Phillip Carter, Robert Markland, Robert Fetter, Claude McMillan, Laurence Moore, John Neter, Robert L. Winkler
1979–1980 | William Beranek, William Berry, Vincent Cangelosi, William Darden, Sang Lee, Thomas Schriber, Gary Wicklund


1978–1979 | Ira Horowitz, William S. Peters, James E. Sorenson, Elwood S. Buffa, Larry Cummings, Ralph Day, Charles Bonini
1977–1978 | Dennis Grawoig, George Summers, Rodger Collons, Gene Groff, Al Simone, Ken Uhl, Larry Schkade