Invitation to Apply: Co-Editor Decision Sciences Journal

The Decision Sciences Institute (DSI) is seeking qualified candidates for Co-Editor of the Decision Sciences Journal by encouraging applications and nominations for this position. The Co-Editor will serve four years, starting with January 1, 2020, and may be reappointed for an additional two years. The basic responsibility of the Decision Sciences Co-Editor is to publish four high quality issues of the Journal in February, May, August, and November of each year. 

Decision Sciences Journal is a premier business research publication with international visibility and impact. The Journal focuses on theoretical, empirical and methodological investigations of managerial decisions that drive business productivity and success. Such research can be methodologically focused on quantitative approaches, on qualitative methods, or can take the form of insightful reviews and commentaries on best practices in business research. In the tradition of the Institute’s interdisciplinary heritage, Decision Sciences Journal dedicates itself to the interdisciplinary investigation of managerial decision making in the recognition that important managerial decision making takes place in a range of critical business areas. Of particular focus are the areas of Operations & Supply Chain Management and Information Systems & Information Technology. This focus encompasses a keen interest in Data Analytics as an emerging synthesis of sophisticated methodology and large data systems used to guide managerial decision making in an increasingly complex global business environment. The journal welcomes research that is empirical and/or analytical in nature. 

The committee seeks individuals who are thought leaders and internationally renowned scholars in their chosen discipline. The Decision Sciences Co-Editor should be familiar with the major functional and methodological areas that are related to managerial decision making. Equally important, the Co-Editor must be willing to set aside topical and/or methodological biases to provide a fair evaluation process for research that reflects the eclectic interests of Decision Sciences Institute members.  The Co-Editor will work with his/her counterpart to improve the quality of the review process by identifying and selecting top notch scholars to serve on the Editorial Review Board and as Department Editors and Associate Editors. Candidates who meet these qualifications and whose research expertise meshes well with the Journal’s key areas of focus are strongly encouraged to apply.

Each candidate or nominee for the Co-Editorship position is requested to provide the following information:

  • Current curriculum vita that includes information about education, academic and industry positions, publications, honors and awards, professional affiliations and activities, and other relevant items.
  • Description of editorial experience with scholarly journals or other publications (e.g., editor, co-editor, associate editor, department editor, etc.)
  • Statement of interest and availability to serve as Co-Editor, including a description of anticipated academic and professional responsibilities for the next four years.
  • Statement of editorial philosophy, including views on editorial policy, directions the publication should take, and composition of and approach to working with Department Editors, Associate Editors and reviewers.
  • Brief description of administrative, organizational and managerial experience.
  • Brief description of the commitment from your institution for the support of the editorial office for the next four years.
  • Statement concerning your future vision for the Decision Sciences Journal including what kind of editorial structure might be appropriate for attracting and managing high quality submissions from the multiple disciplines represented by the Decision Sciences community.

The due date to apply for the Co-Editor position is August 16, 2019. Nominations for this position must be received well in advance of this date so that there is plenty of time for the Publications Committee to reach out to individuals who have been nominated and encourage them to apply. The process will be kept open until the position is filled. All nominations and applications should be addressed to Dr. Shawnee K. Vickery, VP of Publications and Chair of the Search Committee (  The Publications Committee will provide its recommendations for Co-Editor to the DSI Board by October 1, 2019. The new Co-Editor will be announced at the DSI annual meeting in New Orleans (November 23-25, 2019). The anticipated start date for the new Co-Editor is January 1, 2020. 

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