Applicant Listings

Posted Name Current Institution Area of Interest
6/5/2022 Muhammad Hasan Ashraf University of Rhode Island
see details
Operations/Supply Chain Management, Logistics, Industry 4.0, Engaged Scholarship
10/21/2021 Haiying Yang Syracuse University
see details
Sustainable Operations Management, Online Platforms, Live-streaming Selling, Contract Design, Business Analytics
10/1/2021 Emily Barbee The University of Alabama
see details
Operations/Supply Chain Management, Data Analytics
8/11/2021 Temidayo Akenroye Liverpool John Moores University    see details Procurement, Strategic Sourcing, Supply Chain Management, Logistics
7/30/2021 Sidika T. Candogan University College London   see details Operations Management, Online Platforms, Game Theory, Empirical Analysis
11/3/2020 Yuzhang Han University of North Carolina, Greensboro     see details Social Media Analytics, Hadoop and Spark, Machine Learning, Big Data Analytics
10/20/2020 Michael C Jacezko Creighton University
see details
Healthcare, Operations, Informatics, Management, Organizational Behaviors
12/9/2019 Isil Koyuncu University of Alabama
see details
Sustainable Transportation Operations, Integer Programming, Logistics, Data Management, Predictive Modeling
11/19/2019 Deniz Besik University of Massachusetts Amherst   see details Food Supply Chains, Network Economics of Supply Chains, Computational Game Theory
11/11/2019 Jean Essila Northern Michigan University   see details Operations/Supply Chain Management, Logistics, Business Analytics/Statistics Management Science
11/7/2019 Basiru Usman Auburn University
see details
Machine Learning, Data Analytics, Predictive Modeling, Operations Research,
11/7/2019 Ismail Abdulrashid Auburn University
see details
Predictive/Statistical Modeling, Business Data Analytics, Operations Research
11/5/2019 Anh Luong Baruch College CUNY
see details
Organizational/Algorithmic Decision-Making, AI & Work, Business Analytics, Information Processing/Visualization
10/22/2019 Annie (Chuan) Tian University of Oklahoma   see details Management Information Systems
10/21/2019 Mohsen Ahmadian University of Massachusetts Boston
see details
Decision/Data Science, Operations and Supply Chain Management, Digital Platforms and Emerging Technologies
10/21/2019 Komlan Gbongli University of Miskolc
see details
Business Analytics, Predicting Modeling, Decision Analysis, Sustainable Operations Management
9/26/2019 Mehmood Khan Abu Dhabi University
see details
Supply Chain Management, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things
9/26/2019 Sina Ansari Tuck School of Business, Dartmouth   see details Operations Management, Data Analysis, Predictive Analysis
9/24/2019 Yuan Zhang University of Texas, Arlington   see details Management Information Systems, Business Analytics
8/27/2019 Thomas Groleau Carthage College
see resume
Business Analytics, Operations Management and Management Science
8/8/2019 Abigail Richard University of Cincinnati  see resume Optimization, Data Analysis and Geometric Analysis
6/20/2019 Ahmed Aljizani University of Hull, UK see resume Supply Chain Management, Logistics, Operations Management, Operational Excellence