The Fog of Entrepreneurship: Ambiguity in Entrepreneurial Decision Making

Since the time of Frank Knight’s influential book Risk, Uncertainty, and Profit, risk-taking in entrepreneurship has stimulated interdisciplinary interest from both researchers and practitioners. One hundred years later, this engaging presentation provides a fresh look at the world of entrepreneurial decision-making through a new lens of entrepreneurial risk—aka probabilistic ambiguity, or “the unknowable”. From Dilbert to Squid Game, this presentation challenges us to rethink our understanding of risk-taking and consider the wide scope of this lens for scholars looking at entrepreneurship.

Authors: Jacqueline Csonka-Peeren, University of Waterloo and Norris Krueger, University of Phoenix

About the Authors

Jacqueline Csonka-Peeren is a professor at the University of Waterloo.

Dr. Norris Krueger teaches at the University of Phoenix. He is a leading consultant, educator and scholar of entrepreneurship, with a special foci on: 1) growing and assessing the entrepreneurial mindset and deep experiential learning (even neuroentrepreneurship) 2) growing and assessing the entrepreneurial ecosystem (and organizational innovation systems) – Consultant to OECD, EU, Kauffman Foundation, etc. Looking to chair dissertations on innovation, entrepreneurship and related topics (family business, intrapreneurship, small business, creativity, lean startup, design thinking/human-centered design/product design, crowdfunding, etc. ). He has published in numerous journals.