Conference Program

Keynote Speakers

Keynotes to be announced soon.


The 2023 DSI Annual Conference is comprised of three days of dynamic programming across the full range of specializations, industries and regions that make up our membership. The conference’s professional development workshops are intended to help attendees become better researchers, teachers, administrators, and practitioners.

A draft schedule will be published when available.

Teaching Workshops

Teaching workshops are facilitated by faculty and explore different topics in the decision sciences curriculum.


Research Workshops

Research workshops explore a given optic in the decision sciences field and how to apply research to solve it.



Consortiums focus on career considerations for graduate students and professors.


    Who is the Doctoral Consortium for?

    The DSI Doctoral Consortium provides a unique opportunity for current Ph.D. students to learn about the academic job market process and what life is like as a faculty member. Attendees will hear from an esteemed group of junior and senior faculty members who will share experiences and tips for successfully navigating these formative years. Attendees will also have an opportunity to network with fellow Ph.D. students.

    The tentative program will include:

    • Presentations by senior faculty on publication strategies in OM/SCM journals.
    • A session on how to craft an impactful research agenda.
    • A session on teaching tips and tricks and how to effectively engage with students in global settings.
    • A session on “professionalism in academia,” including how to transition from a doctoral student to a full-time faculty, manage competing objectives, manage time and set priorities, and establish relationships with industry and professional organizations.
    • Networking opportunities.

    How and when to apply?

    If you are interested in participating in the DSI 2023 Doctoral consortium, you will need to apply. More information on this process will be coming soon. The following documents will be requested:

    • A brief statement describing why you would like to participate in the Doctoral Consortium and why you should be selected for participation (less than one page, double spaced).
    • Your current CV.
    • A list of 3-5 questions you would like answered during the event.

    There is no additional cost to attend the Doctoral Consortium, but selected participants must register for the 2023 DSI Annual Meeting to participate in the event. We encourage you to submit abstracts (the deadline is June 15th, 2023) to participate in the conference. The conference abstract differs from the documents you submit for participating in the doctoral consortium. Check the DSI conference website for details.

    Invitation letters will be sent by email by October 15th, 2023.

    Question about the Doctoral Consortium at the 2023 DSI Annual Meeting can be directed to the Doctoral Consortium Coordinator.



    More information coming soon.


    More information coming soon.