2015 Annual Meeting of the Decision Sciences Institute Proceedings


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are required to commit to new product development and the globalization
of innovation efforts. This study investigates the global new product
adaptation and development. This study develops a conceptual model that
captures the four stages of global new product adaptation and
development. Managerial and theoretical implications are discussed.

A Continuous Improvement Model for Student Satisfaction with Their Learning Environments

Kenneth MacLeod, East Carolina University; Ravi Paul, East Carolina University; William Swart, East Carolina University
tool to manage and continuously improve the classroom processes leading
to student satisfaction with their learning environment is presented.
Critical success factors are the process variables, student
satisfaction is the outcome variable, and Relative Proximity Theory is
the measurement tool. Preliminary results indicate effective management
is possible.

Active and Problem Based Learning and College Student Persistence

Laura Foltz, The University of Tennessee at Martin; Charles B. Foltz, The University of Tennessee at Martin
research replicates and extends earlier work focusing on the
pedagogical practices of active and problem based learning and student
outcomes including student institutional commitment, social
integration, persistence, and student’s perception of institutional
commitment to student welfare.

A Decision-Tree-Based Classifier for Credit Assessment Problems under a Big Data Environment

Ching-Chin Chern, National Taiwan University; Weng U Lei, National Taiwan University; Shu-Yi (Max) Chen, Ming Chuan University
study proposes a Decision-Tree Credit Assessment Approach (DTCAA) to
solve the credit assessment problem under a big data environment. By
acquiring a large-volume dataset from one of the biggest car collateral
loan companies in Taiwan, the efficiency and the validity of DTCAA are
verified through several experiments.

A Delphi Study of RFID Adoption Trends in Retail

Mithu Bhattacharya, University of Detroit Mercy; Gregory Ulferts, University of Detroit Mercy; Terry Howard, University of Detroit Mercy
this exploratory study we present the results of a Delphi study
consisting of 74 experts from different domains about RFID adoption
trends in retail including adoption status, popular technology choices,
and diffusion strategy. The objective is to develop better RFID
adoption models and strategies for informed RFID adoption decisions.

Additive Manufacturing management: A Review and Research Agenda

Mojtaba Khorram Niaki, University of Rome; Fabio Nonino, University of Rome
to the phenomenal impacts of Additive Manufacturing in industries, most
of the managerial approaches should be restructured. Therefore, the aim
is to use systematic literature search to identify specific research
domains of AM management, business and economic to understand the
current state of progress and the future research directions.

A Fixed Effects Panel Analysis of Service Design Links to Operational Profitability

David West, East Carolina University; Scott Dellana, East Carolina University
results of a fixed effects panel regression model provide evidence that
the structural design choices of the the service delivery system
explain about two thirds of the differences in operational
profitability among airlines.

A Genetic Algorithm Approach to Solve an Agricultural Planning Problem Considering the Effect of Greenhouse Gas Emission

Rabin K Jana, Indian Institute of Social Welfare & Business Management; Dinesh K. Sharma, University of Maryland Eastern Shore; Bidushi Chakraborty
this paper, we present a mathematical model of an agricultural planning
problem. We propose a distance function based genetic algorithm
approach to solving this model. The usefulness and applicability of the
proposed approach are demonstrated via a case example.

A hierarchical approach to supply chain risk management

Xiaofeng Zhao, University of Mary Washington
paper describes the application of hierarchical holographic modeling
(HHM) to supply chain risk management. It seeks to present a structured
and systematic hierarchical approach for identifying the potential
risks in supply chain operations. It provides a conceptual framework to
identify supply chain risks from multiple overlapping perspectives.
this paper, we focus on the topic stock prediction in e-finance area.
We proposed a hybrid model to predict stock price change.

A Hybrid Intelligent System for Breast Cancer Identification

Dinesh K. Sharma, University of Maryland Eastern Shore; H.S. Hota
this paper, we propose an integration of two soft computing techniques:
Genetic Algorithm (GA) and Back Propagation Network (BPN) to develop a
hybrid system for the identification of breast cancer. Results are
compared with other similar work and found to be satisfactory.

A Literature Review of Remanufacturing Production Planning and Control

Roger Gagnon, North Carolina A&T State University; Shona Morgan, North Carolina A&T State University
is enormous complexity involved with planning, and controlling
efficient remanufacturing operations. To explore these difficulties and
the progress achieved in addressing them we review the current academic
literature on remanufacturing production planning, and control.
Finally, we assess our reported progress and offer suggestions for
future research efforts.

An Agency Theory Perspective on Risks in Service Triads

Sourav Sengupta, IITB-Monash Research Academy; Tarikere Tulasidas Niranjan, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay; Mohan Krishnamoorthy, Monash University
service triad is a triadic relationship in which a client firm serves
its customers indirectly through a third-party vendor. We conduct a
qualitative, inductive study to uncover risks and the underlying risk
factors in service triads and explain how they might inform contract
design using agency theory.

Analytics in healthcare: technology alone is not enough!

Marcos Paulo Valadares de Oliveira, Universidade Federal do Espírito Santo; Salma Haidar, Central Michigan University; Kevin McCormack, DRK Research/Northwood University; Marcelo Bronzo Ladeira, Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais; Claudia Xavier Cavalcanti, Universidade Federal do Espírito Santo
the Information Processing Theory, a model was developed to evaluate
analytics in healthcare. A survey instrument was distributed to
Healthcare employees and structural Equation model was used to examine
model’s relationships. Additionally, leadership actively implementing
Analytics Orientation was a key to impacting process innovation.
supply chain players seek to run business in a responsible way. This
work stands from a supplier’s point of view who produces a responsible
item through an entrepreneurial process and exploits the business
opportunity to sell it to downstream buyers. We develop quantitative
models to analyze the production structure.

An Analysis of the Effects of Global Sourcing Practices on Ethical Consumption in the United States

Robert Bregman, University of Houston; Xiaosong Peng, University of Houston
research evaluates consumer perceptions and responses to common global
sourcing practices in order to explain the ethical consumption
phenomenon. We extend the Hunt-Vitell model of ethics to establish a
structural equation framework of consumers’ ethical decision-making.
propose a layout for a fully automated sensor-based irrigation system
for farms. A decision support system (DSS) that decides when to turn
irrigation on and off is a missing link in such a system. We show how
we designed, developed, and implemented such DSS under the Fulbright
research program.

Anchored Decisions in Multi-Factor Decision-Making

Richard Jenson, Utah State University
author presents a comparison between Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP)
and Choosing by Advantages (CBA). The author highlights differences
between the two decision making systems pertaining to vocabulary,
computing criteria priorities and capturing user judgments. AHP uses
pairwise comparisons to compute criteria priorities at multiple levels.

An Empirical Analysis of Patient Safety Culture and Hospital Performance Using the AHRQ Survey on Patient Safety Culture

Gregory Stock, University of Colorado Colorado Springs; Kathleen L. McFadden, Northern Illinois University
paper tests the relationship between patient safety culture and
different dimensions of performance in a sample of hospitals using
culture data from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality and
performance data from Hospital Compare. Our findings indicate that
stronger patient safety culture is associated with better hospital

An Empirical Investigation into the Factors Influencing the Adoption of Cloud Computing Technologies

Thiagarajan Ramakrishnan, Prairie View A&M University; Louis Ngamassi, Prairie View A&M University; Shahedur Rahman, Prairie View A & M University
purpose of this study is to examine the factors that influence the
adoption of cloud computing. We draw on the literature from technology
acceptance and cloud computing to develop our adoption model. We
empirically test the model present our results. These results have
theoretical and practical implications.

An Empirical Investigation regarding the Universal Effectiveness of TQM Practices across National Boundaries

Young Sik Cho, Jackson State University; Joo Jung, University of Texas-Pan American
study examines whether the ‘universal effectiveness of TQM practices’
across national boundaries actually exists or not. A survey research
was conducted, and the test results represented that a firm’s
contingency factors, such as national economic maturity and industry
type, could result in heterogeneous implementation of the firm’s TQM

An Evaluation of Machine Learning Methods and Visualization of Results to Characterize Large Healthcare Document Collections

Vivian West, Duke University; David West, East Carolina University; David Borland, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; William Ed Hammond, Duke University
research is an exploratory analysis of the abilities of machine
learning algorithms (namely text mining and interactive visualization)
to analyze large collections of health care research documents.
Preliminary results from the analysis of 391 documents describing
research in health care information visualization are presented.

An Examination of Big Data Capabilities in Creating Business Value

Shiwei Sun, Auburn University; Suning Zhu; Xiaoye Cheng, Auburn University; Terry Byrd
current data-rich environments, how to make a good decision and create
business value has caused scholars and practitioners’ attention.
From the perspective of creating business value, we identified three
main capabilities by content analysis, including analytical capability,
predictive capability, and decision support capability.

An Examination of the Behavior of Weekly Stock Prices of Fortune 500 Firms and S&P Small Cap 600 Firms

Young Kim, Clark Atlanta University; Edward L Davis, Clark Atlanta University; Charles T Moses, Clark Atlanta University
have revisited a random walk hypothesis by analyzing the behavior of
the weekly stock prices of 473 Fortune 500 firms and 594 S&P small
cap 600 firms over 40 years.

An Examination of the Impact of Faculty Approaches to Teamwork Development on Teamwork Quality and Success in Business Education

Dewaynna Horn, Texas Woman’s University; Katherine K. Rose, Texas Woman’s University
study examines student perceptions of efforts of faculty in developing
and administering student teams and the relationship to teamwork
quality, team performance, and individual learning and success. Based
on these discussions, we will propose some hypotheses regarding the
relationships under investigation.

An Experimental Study to Explore Attacker Framing in Response to Changes in Security and Reward

Mark Rounds, University of Idaho; n pendegraft, university of idaho; Jim Alves-Foss, University of Idaho
previous simulation studies attackers were shown to respond to changes
in reward with S shaped curves and to changes in security with
declining S shaped curves. This paper reports experimental work that
investigates the whether the response to reward is relative or absolute
and influences the framing of rewards.

An Integrated Research Framework for Identifying Factors to Affect the Use of Health Information Exchange

Ming-Ling Sher; Hsin-Ginn Hwang, National Chiao Tung University; Hui-Ting Lin, National Chiao Tung University
study proposes an integrated research framework as a basis for further
investigation of factors affecting the use of Health Information
Exchange (HIE).
this study we propose a machine learning system designed to discover
appropriate algorithm(s) for predicting student attrition. It was
tested on a large sample of students from a large four-year public
university. Results show that the system and inherent algorithms
provide accurate predictions and insights into future policy.
Department of National Defence recently began to incorporate project
portfolio management principles into their investment planning process.
This paper presents the portfolio construction process, the underlying
integer programming model, and several visualizations used to enhance
decision maker interaction. Design rationale and insights gleaned from
the model’s application are discussed.

Application of Cognitive Load Theory in Programming Teaching

Xiaoqing Li, University of Illinois Springfield
tools offer great potential for instructors to develop innovative
pedagogies. Based on cognitive load theory, this research proposes an
information technology supported pedagogy to teach programming. With
this methodology, students record their hands-on programming exercises
when learning from worked examples. This method can be applied in other
teaching scenarios.

Apply Total Quality Management (TQM) in Organizational Information Security Management

Liqiang Chen, University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire; Xiaofeng Chen, Western Washington University
study proposes to apply Total Quality Management (TQM) practices in
managing information security. We are focused on the human behavioral
practices or soft practices in TQM and attempt to examine how TQM soft
practices influence the performance of information security management.

A Preliminary Data / Wealth Simulation of an Information System Under Attack

Norman Pendegraft, University of Idaho; Mark Rounds, University of Idaho
two part information system under attack is simulated. Attacks against
data are converted to attacks against wealth. Initial results suggest
that the split complicates behavior of the system. Data security and
wealth security interact in a non-obvious way

A Quality Differentiation Model for Regulated and Non-Regulated Taxi Services in Thailand

Praowpan Tansitpong, Mahidol University International college
providers juggle quality priorities to sustain profits and comply with
standards set by regulators. This study examines taxi operations in
Thailand and suggests that price is not the only determinant; quality
differentiation and technology play important roles in maximizing
benefits of social welfare.

A Quasi-Experimental Study Comparing Smart Phone Keyboard Layouts

Mary L. Lind, NCA&T State University; Micheal S. Geary, Pensacola Christian College
purpose of this research is the evaluation of the performance and
usability for an alternative keyboard layout on a smart phone compared
to the dominant QWERTY layout on a smart phone when presented to users
gradually versus immediately.
develop an integrated approach to teaching critical thinking in
strategic management. I found that both the content and course design
facilitate critical thinking in strategic management. I also found the
mediation effects of pedagogy and practices.

Arguing the Value of Product Quality Signaling in the Presence of Negative Publicity

Quey-Jen Yeh, National Cheng Kung University; Tai-Ping Chang, National Kaohsiung First University of Science and Technology
formation of product quality perception, which concerns consumers’
reasoning regarding the data provided by sellers in support of their
claims, creates a consumer-based argument. Our experiments show that
when sellers offer more types of warrants, consumers infer higher
seller credibility, while this connection disappears when facing
negative publicity.

A Road map to Nigeria’s Entrepreneurial Greatness

Frank Alaba Ogedengbe, Auchi Polytechnic
paper considers the processes of mastery of entrepreneurial
personality, from childhood to the time of retirement from active
entrepreneurial practice. It proffers that underpinning construct for
the realization of the envisaged economic expansion is entirely
developmental. It posits an agenda of developing the entrepreneur from
cradle to grace

A Sensitivity Analysis in Supply Chain Management with Demand Uncertainty

Qiannong Gu, Ball State University; Sushil K Sharma, Ball State University
research focuses on an inventory optimization problem with uncertain
demand. The sensitivity analysis of the inventory parameters is
conducted to provide managerial insights for inventory managers. The
numerical example demonstrates the performance of inventory management
under different scenarios. Higher variation of demand results in higher
costs in most scenarios.

Assessing and Mitigating the Effects of Seaport Disruptions

John Saldanha, West Virginia University; Peter F Swan, Penn State Harrisburgh
natural and human causes close seaports severely disrupting shippers’
supply chains. The effects of closures on importers’ supply chain
operations are not yet fully understood. Less attention has been paid
to how managers can mitigate those effects. We simulate the effects of
seaport disruptions and explore alternative mitigating strategies.

A Student Self-Managed Project for Learning Tax Topics Investigated at Five Universities

Judith Sage, Florida State University; Lloyd G. Sage, Sage & Sage
self-managed learning Project was investigated at five universities
that required students to participate in their learning process by
organizing relatively complex tax topics. This Project appears to be
effective in learning these topics. A survey indicated the Project was
beneficial in understanding the topics and preparing for a Quiz.

A Study of Trends and Research in Mobile Apps: Demand, Supply, and Value Creation

Xiaoyun He, Auburn University at Montgomery; Forrest W. Holifield, Auburn University at Montgomery; David Ang, Auburn University at Montgomery
this study, we examine the recent growth and trends in mobile apps and
provide a state-of-the-art review of the burgeoning research on the
demand and supply as well as value creation of the emerging app
markets. We also identify research gaps and suggest future research

A Study on Organizational adjustments due to Green IT

Lutfus Sayeed, San Francisco State University; Alberto Onetti; Marco Talaia
objective of the present study is to empirically explore the impact of
the implementation of Green IT measures on organizational resources in
the US and European firms. The findings suggest significant
relationship between the Green IT adoption practices and
reconfiguration of several IT and non-IT resources.
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Benchmarking Supply Chain Collaboration using Data Envelopment Analysis

Shikha Aggarwal; Manoj Srivastava; Vijay Aggarwal, MDI Gurgaon
this study, we have developed a framework to benchmark supply chain
collaboration using Data Envelopment Analysis. A list of input and
output parameters for DEA framework was identified through focus group

Beyond Formal Training and Development: The Effect of Perceived Organizational Support for Development

Cau Ngoc Nguyen, Texas A&M International University; Jacqueline Mayfield, Texas A&M International University; Milton Mayfield, Texas A&M International University
boundaryless career concept and social exchange theory are integrated
to propose that perceived organizational support for development is
significantly and positively related to job satisfaction and affective
commitment, and negatively related to absenteeism. Cross-sectional data
is collected from 413 individuals, and a path analysis is used to
examine results.
studies have continuously been subject to critique, particularly
concerning their judgmental and forecasting accuracy. This paper takes
a cognitive perspective by investigating how different cognitive biases
take effect within Delphi studies and how their unfavorable impacts can
be mitigated by thoroughly adapting specific Delphi design features.
paper aims to examine how Indian global firms build resilient business
ecosystem to domestic advantage and thus move forward to global
competitiveness.This article discusses (1) requirements of domestic
advantage; (2) key issues related to building more responsive,
resilient and agile business eco-system in Indian context.

Business Information Systems Curriculum: A Proposal

Mehdi Sagheb_Tehrani, Columbus State University
two (72) IS programs are evaluated in the United States. The main
purpose is to compare these programs with 2010-IS model and show the
differences that exist between these programs regarding core and
elective courses credit hours.
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trading is a relatively new approach that corporations have adopted to
address the issue of carbon emissions. Carbon accounting and
reportingis an evolutionary rule change in sustainability accounting
for the management of climate change and sustainable development.

Collaborating in Secured IT Enabled Supply Chains

Aber Elsaleiby, The University of Toledo; Anand Kunnathur
In this research we study how information security orientation affect the collaborative supply chain relationship.

Collaborations and Innovations: A Big Data Perspective

Rhoda Joseph, Penn State Harrisburg
data and analytics can lead to new avenues for IT-enabled innovations.
These innovations can deliver important outcomes for governments and
businesses. This paper develops a theoretical framework for the
examination of multiple types of collaborations using big data
resources. Challenges and risk are examined, with recommendations for
future projects.

Conceptual Data Vault Modeling and its Opportunities for the Future

Aarthi Raman, Northern Kentucky University; Teuta Cata, Northern Kentucky University
paper presents conceptual view of Data Vault Modeling (DVM), its
architecture and future opportunities. It also covers concepts and
definitions of data warehousing, data model by Kimball and Inmon and
its evolution towards DVM. This approach is illustrated using a
realistic example of Library Management System.

Consumer Quality Reference and Offshoring in Product Recalls

Yan Dong, Darla Moore School of Business, University of South Carolina; Kefeng Xu, University of Texas at San Antonio; sining song
by anecdotal evidence and equipped with new development in decision
economics, we develop an endogenous consumer reference model to examine
the consumer’s willingness to buy in the events of product recalls, and
construct an empirical study to associate value of recalls with firm

Coordination Mechanisms in Supply Chain under Asymmetric Quality Information

pin zhuang, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics; Jye-Chyi Lu, Georgia Institute of Technology
paper studies three supply chain contracts with asymmetric supplier
quality information employing game theory: optimal contracts in
centralized control setting, profit margin contract and profit sharing
contract in decentralized control setting. The numerical analyses show
that profit sharing contract is a coordination mechanism.

Cybersecurity and e-commerce risks: A model framework for small businesses

Mayur Desai, Texas Southern University; Kamala Raghavan, Texas Southern University
businesses are becoming painfully aware that their small size does not
provide them immunity from the risk of a cyber-attack. This paper
discusses the SEC disclosure guidance for registrants that can provide
a model framework for small businesses and offers steps to strengthen
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DEA Environmental Assessment for Social Sustainability on European Nations and North America

Yan Yuan, New Mexico Tech; Toshiyuki Sueyoshi, New Mexico Tech
attain social sustainability on economic and environment development,
this study utilizes Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) by incorporating
the concept of natural and managerial disposability. Scale efficiency
is newly measured under the two disposability concepts within radial
approach. The proposed methodology is applied to strategic plans for
North America and EU.

Decision Support for Strategic Planning at Commercial Airports

L. Douglas Smith, University of Missouri-St. Louis; Liang Xu, University of Missouri-Saint Louis; Ziyi Wang, UMSL; Deng Pan, UMSL
discrete-event simulation we model aircraft activity at a major airport
and apply the model to study how runway use, gate allocations, airline
schedules, dispatching procedures, hub operations, and bad weather
events affect performance of individual carriers. This application
involves a blend of statistical modeling, simulation and LP

Demand Forecasting System for Pharmacy Chain Stores

Yu-Min Chiang, National Taiwan University; Kwei-Long Huang, National Taiwan University
this paper, we propose a demand forecasting system to address the drugs
with various features. Grey forecasting method and time-series methods
are applied in the system. We verify our forecasting system with real
data. Results indicate that the system can determine a suitable model
for predicting demand accurately.

Determinants of consumers’ participation in online virtual communities

Jeen Lim; John Heinrichs, Wayne State University; Kee Lim
importance of virtual communities has grown dramatically as these
communities influence brand and purchase decision of consumers. This
research develops and tests a conceptual model that captures the
determining factors of involvement and opinion leadership as an
indicator of active participation in various virtual communities.

Determinants of Electronic Word of Mouth on Social Network Sites

Mohammad I. Merhi, Indiana University South Bend; Khaled I. Khasawneh
study proposes a model that identifies the motivational factors that
may influence electronic word of mouth on social network sites. We
propose that self-involvement, self-enhancement, concerns for others,
and message intrigue are determinants of electronic word of mouth on
social network sites.

Determining Strategic Incentives for Attracting Outsourcing: A Model for Host Entities

Qiannong Gu, Ball State University; Thawatchai Jitpaiboon, Ball State University; John Wang, Montclair State University
facility location problem is an essential element of a firm’s global
outsourcing strategy. This study focuses on developing a model for host
entities which normally provides incentives to attract outsourcing
investment. The model proposed in this study provides an analytical
tool for the host entity to determine the incentive.

Determining the Relative Importance of Spectator Needs and Stadium Attributes for Soccer Stadium Using Entropy Method

Srikrishna Madhumohan Govindaluri, Sultan Qaboos University; Sujeet Kumar Sharma, Sultan Qaboos University
objective of this research is to prioritize important spectator needs
in relation to soccer stadiums. The entropy method is employed in order
to determine the relative importance of spectator needs. The house of
quality approach approach facilitates the determination of the relative
importance of stadium technical attributes.

Development and Assessment of Soft Skills in Business Schools: A Case Study

Tobin Porterfield, Towson University; Quincy Johnson, Towson University; Bob Graham, Johns Hopkins University; Dmitriy Nesterkin, D# Media
describe one AACSB-accredited business school’s comprehensive approach
toward development and implementation of an assessment process for
behavioral skills. The methodology illustrates the process of
developing program-level learning outcomes and appropriate assessment
tools, and offers an effective strategy for other programs.
the dynamic and turbulent business environments in China, digital
manufacturing transformation offers many opportunities as well as
challenges. China Tobacco Shandong Industrial (CTSI) Corp. is selected
to generalize the phenomenon of digital manufacturing transformation
strategy in China.
draw on two strategic management theories on competitive strategy to
develop hypotheses relating digital strategy repertoires and
competitive performance for online retailers. The strategic repertoires
of digital systems enabled product-market strategy and digital systems
sourcing strategy are examined and data of top online retailers are

Dimensionality and relevance of maintenance performance measures

Carlos F. Gomes, University of Coimbra; Mahmoud Yasin, East Tennessee State University; Jorge M. Simões, REVIGRES Lda
study utilizes cluster and factor analysis to identify the different
dimension of the most relevant maintenance performance measures. The
results obtained appear to indicate that maintenance function has
different facets, which are essential to the organizational
competitiveness. This was the case regardless of organizational size
and industry.
study exams the market’s response to realized growth rate and finds
market treats firms indifferently regarding income-increase or
income-decrease if we control the MBE, which indicates the implication
of naïve model in the Ball and Brown (1968) around the earnings
announcing date is actually the effect of MBE benchmark.
the environmental turbulence matter? The role of organizational inertia
and network relationships on firms’ entrepreneurial orientation

Ming-Chao Wang, Shih Chien University Kaohsiung Campus; Pei-Chen Chen, National Cheng Kung University; Shih-Chieh Fang, National Cheng Kung University
turbulence represents a double-edged sword, simultaneously fueling and
hindering firm’s entrepreneurial orientation. Drawing on the
entrepreneurial orientation, organizational inertia, and network
relationships, we have developed and tested a conceptual model that
provides a more nuanced account of the relationship between
environmental turbulence and entrepreneurial orientation of the firm.

Do Operationally Efficient Hospitals Show Better Financial Performance?

Dinesh Pai, Penn State Harrisburg; Hengameh M Hosseini, Penn State Harrisburg
paper examines the performance of 78 U.S. hospitals via a two-stage DEA
hospital production process that evaluates operational performance in
the first stage and financial performance in the second stage. The
effect of hospital size on operational and financial performance is
revealed by evaluating both technical and scale efficiencies.
paper analyzes the dimensions and measurement of flexibility using
systems theory from dynamic perspectives. Four dimensions i.e., range
of variety, response time, adjustment cost and variance of performance,
are presented.
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understand the dynamics of the manufacturer’s effort to reduce the
pollution in a supply chain consisting of manufacturer, retailer, and
consumers, we analyze four cases according to consumer awareness of
pollution (environmentally aware versus ignorant) and supply chain
strategy (competitive versus cooperative). Applying differential games,
we derive managerial implications.

Empirically Establishing Patient Care Quality

Subhajit Chakraborty; Hale Kaynak, The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
offer a comprehensive instrument to measure patient care quality (PCQ),
which captures various aspects of healthcare services that patients
receive in full service hospitals in the U.S. The proposed PCQ
dimensions were empirically validated using an online survey and
confirmatory factor analysis. Research and managerial implications are
focus of this article is to demonstrate the relationships between lean
manufacturing principles and concurrent engineering method of new
product development. Comparison and statistical analysis of several
critical factors show high degree of similarities between the two

Eroding Business Communication Skills among B-Students: Causes, Effects, and Solutions to Consider

Seth Powless, University of Toledo; Yuan Wang, University of Toledo; Terribeth Gordon Moore, The University of Toledo
communication skills among interns and new employees are declining.
There are a host of variable causes and many potential negative
outcomes of this decline. Employers recommend new curricula and courses
that address this challenge including technology integration and
instruction. Considerations, implications, and solutions are discussed.

Estimating Retail Demand for Assortment planning using MNL model

Bhimaraya Metri, International Management Institute; Alok Kumar Singh, International Management Institute
paper check the validity of the MNL models for the selected product.
The results revealed that the model is empirically valid in the given
context and for the given product category. It also present the process
of estimation of the various parameters for demand estimation using MNL
the strategic alignment of Supply Chain Integration and Electronic
Commerce Use and its impact of Organizational Benefits: A Covariation

Carlo Mora, New Mexico State University; Sergio Palacios, New Mexico State University; Marvin Gonzalez, College of Charleston; Joshua Davis, College of Charleston; Gioconda Quesada, College of Charleston
examined the relationship of the alignment between Electronic Commerce
Use (ECU) and Supply Chain Integration (SCI), and its impact on
Organizational Benefits (OBE). The proposition is empirically tested
and results suggest a significant and positive relationship between the
strategic fit of SCI and ECU and its impact on OBE.

Exploring a Confidence Interval Approach for Slow-moving Inventory Forecasts

Matthew Lindsey, Stephen F. Austin State University; Robert Pavur, University of North Texas
effectiveness of constructing confidence intervals on Croston’s
estimate of population mean demand per period for slow-moving inventory
is explored. A simulation reveals that accurate confidence intervals
can be constructed for stationary intermittent data. However, changing
from fast to slow-moving and back adversely affects the robustness of
these confidence intervals.

Exploring Factors Affecting Information Security Management in Hospitals

Menderes Tarcan, Eskişehir Osmangazi University School of Health; Neset Hikmet, University of South Carolina; Ben Schooley, University of South Carolina; Gamze Yorgancıoğlu, Hacettepe University
study explored factors that affect information security in hospitals.
We analyzed survey responses from management level and staff level
employees responsible and accountable for information technology,
informatics, and information security across five hospitals in the
western region of Turkey.
study applies the cultural fit perspective to examine effectiveness of
quality management practices. It reviews the literatures on quality
management practices and organizational culture, particularly the
competing values framework. Eight propositions have been articulated
with respect to how culturally fit QM practices can achieve positive

Exploring the Role of Buyer-Supplier Relationship and Organizational Culture in Supplier Social Compliance

Muhammad Shakeel Sadiq Jajja, Lahore University of Management Sciences; Muhammad Asif; Kamran Ali Chatha, Lahore University of Management Sciences; Frank Montabon, Iowa State University
paper presents a hypothesized model which seeks to argue that the
impact of buyer-supplier relationship on social compliance of supplier
is moderated by supplier’s organizational culture. Empirical data
regarding social compliance practices of apparel industry of Pakistan
will provide insights into social compliance in global buyer-supplier
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Forecasting for Effective Hotel Revenue Management

Somnath Mukhopadhyay, University of Texas at El Paso; Subhashish Samaddar, Georgia State University; Satish V Nargundkar, Georgia State University
literature on hotel revenue management is sparse on details of
forecasts, controls, and subsequent revenue opportunity and
applications to real hotel data. This paper bridges that gap using
archived data from a major hotel chain to report results from product
categorizations and forecasting.
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Gambling and Sport – Spot Fixing: It’s Just Not Cricket!

John Davies, Victoria University of Wellington
case addresses inappropriate workplace behavior within a context
defined by the written and unwritten codes of a professional sport –
cricket. It can be used to explore integrity and reputation within
sport; stakeholder relationships; the role of governing bodies, and
role conflict arising from overlapping jurisdictions and governance

Gender and usage motive differences in social media usage behavior

Jeen Lim; Kee Lim; John Heinrichs, Wayne State University
study develops and tests a conceptual model that captures the
relationship among four social media usage determining factors, social
media involvement, satisfaction, and usage intention. The moderating
role of two user characteristics on the social media usage behavior are
also empirically tested.

Global Supply Chain Decisions in Multiple Markets: Impact of Transfer Pricing

Ziping Wang, Morgan State University; Xiaohang Yue
construct a new framework of optimal decision making in global supply
chains with multiple production sites to multiple markets. Our
analytical model provides global firms with allowable regions of cost
parameters where offshoring is a profitable decision. In addition, our
model discovers the existence of an interesting phenomenon-cross
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paper discusses a potential problem taxpayers may face when using a
health savings account with a high deductible health plan if they have
adult children who are not tax dependents. Implications are provided
for both taxpayers and policy makers.

How Espoused Cultural Values Affect Smartphone Users in China?

June Lu, University of Houston-Victoria; June Wei, University of West Florida; Chun-Sheng Yu
study examines m-commerce continuance and moderation effects of
espoused cultural values. Model testing using 356 responses from mobile
payment users in China reveals that both privacy protection and social
influence beliefs drive Android user continuous intentions direct and
indirect. Masculinity/femininity moderates the effect of social
influence over continuous intentions.

How Online Marketplace Sellers’ Manipulation Influence Buyers’ Evaluations?

Eugenia Huang, National Chengchi University; Shu-Chiung Lin, Tatung University; Hsieh I-Ting
purpose of this study not only examines the influence of sellers’
manipulation behaviors on percentage of positive ratings and comment
orientation, but also confirm whether buyers’ experience moderating the
relationship of sellers’ manipulation and buyers’ evaluations or not in
evaluation system.
a high turnover of millennial employees, start-up enterprises in the
U.S. need to find means to improve the employees’ job engagement and
retention by using human resource management strategies. This study
develops a model based on extant management theory, and proposes a
blueprint using human resource management for start-ups.
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Impact of CSR Executives on CSR Performance: Who is the Right Person to do the Right Things?

Soolim Park, Korea University Business School; Yungu Kang, Korea University Business School; Jingoo Kang
existence of CSR executives make a difference? The results of our study
indicate that existence of CSR executives strongly affects corporate
social performance. Moreover, an insider is better than an outsider,
and longer tenure is better than shorter tenure to perform the role of
CSR executives.

Improving Emergency Response Performance: Contingency Effects of Environmental Uncertainty

Monique L French, University of Colorado Colorado Springs; Ying Fan, University of Colorado Colorado Springs; Rebecca Duray, University of Colorado Colorado Springs; Gary Stading, University of Houston-Downtown
research investigates emergency management using a contingency approach
and develops a conceptual framework linking training to response time
under differing conditions of environmental uncertainty. Using archival
data and regression, this study finds that incident type and location
uncertainty are analyzed together, training has a significant
relationship with response time.

Including Genocide in Corporate Social Responsibility

Maling Ebrahimpour, University of Rhode Island; Rebecca Lee Harris, University of South Florida St. Petersburg
there are obvious linkages between business decisions and genocides,
there is very little coursework available to business students to help
them navigate this complex subject. This paper provides suggestions on
how to develop a course on genocide and business for MBA or
undergraduate business students.

Information Security Analysis on Breaches: Data Envelopment Analysis

Jeff Peck; C. Christopher Lee, Central Connecticut State University; Seong-Jong Joo, Central Washington University-Des Moines; Carlo Smith, Central Washington University
security is an ever-growing field that requires constant attention in
just about every industry today. Our study analyzes information
security breaches that occur in companies using data envelope analysis.
We found that the retail industry is relatively least efficient for
dealing information security breaches.

Information Security Management Policies and Processes:

Kim Gwen Phan, St Cloud State University; Dien Dean Phan, St Cloud State University
continuous efforts in management and control of information, the recent
losses of information at major businesses and government agencies show
that protection of information is critical.
This study investigates the challenges that business enterprises faced
in information security and proposes a total security management model

Instrument for an Empirical Information-Theoretic Model of Value Distortion in IT Innovations

Suvankar Ghosh, University of South Dakota; Anja Baumgarten, University of South Dakota
examine, from an information-theoretic standpoint, inflated
expectations about new information technologies that are launched with
much hype and fanfare. Based on a small pilot with 17 participating
firms in South Dakota and Minnesota, we have built an instrument to
test an information-theoretic model of value inflation of emerging IT.

Integrating Green Supply Management Practices in a Supply Chain Planning Model

Kanchan Das, East Carolina University; Mahboob Rahman, North South University
supply management system that includes a set of green criteria,
relevant supply cost drivers and indirect factor is proposed. The green
criteria, cost drivers, and indirect factors form the Green Supply
Management (GSM) practices, which are integrated in a supply chain
planning model to improve green and overall performances.

Interplays of Open Innovation, Dynamic Capabilities, and Environmental Dynamism

Colin C.J. Cheng, National Kaohsiung First University of Science and Technology; Yongmei Xu, Jinan University; Chwen Sheu, Kansas State University
study investigates two types of firm capabilities (network and
innovation) that would best support open innovation activities (inbound
and outbound) to achieve radical innovation with the consideration of
environmental dynamism.
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increasing trend on logistics outsourcing from multinational firms
worldwide, LSPs develop their business by filling in operational and
functional gaps in global supply chains. This paper proposes a research
model as well as the measures for the investigation of the
relationships among learning, capabilities and supply chain orientation
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Lean Human Resource Management System Practices and Transformation

David Marshall, Eastern Michigan University; Thomas Goldsby, The Ohio State University
purpose of this study is to investigate the impact of human resource
management system transformation on human resource management system
practices. Data is collected via survey of organizations pursuing lean
transformation. Results suggest that measurement system transformation
will have a positive impact on lean human resource management practices.

Lean Implementation in Central Eastern European Health Care Based on Best Practices

Andras Herczeg, Corvinus University of Budapest; Marta Lorincz, Henkel Corporation
lean philosophy became one of the most popular Japanese quality
management approaches in the West, which aims to increase efficiency.
The lean concept has been already proven in emergency rooms in
developed countries. The aim of the paper is to evaluate whether this
concept is transferrable to emerging countries.

Lean Implementation in Educational Institute – A Study Based on Action Research Methodology

Gopalakrishnan Narayanamurthy, Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode; Anand Gurumurthy, Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode
recent times, lean principles is getting implemented in service
domains. Very few studies exist in the domain of education services.
This study is an attempt in this direction to experience the
implementation of lean thinking in education sector by adopting
Participative Action Research Methodology.
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Macroeconomic Influence on Procurement Strategy’s SC cost Performance: A Systems Dynamics Simulation Study

Ulrich Schmelzle, The University of Tennessee, Knoxville; Wendy Tate, University of Tennessee-Knoxville
research focuses on the moderating influence of macroeconomic factors
on the total supply chain cost performance of inventory management and
purchasing contracting decisions. Based on archival DRAM market data,
system dynamics simulation will be applied to guide managerial

Managerial Segmentation of Service Offerings in Work Commuting

Steven D. Silver, California State University, San Jose
study implements multivariate procedures methodology to assess the
relative importance of attributes of service offerings to a sample of
work commuters. Results are then be used to indicate how a market in
work commuting can be segmented from user indications of the importance
of attributes of service offerings.

Managing Multiple Consulting Projects: A Multi-level Application of the Demand-Based Approach

Daniel Bumblauskas; Sarah Rosol, UNI; Paul Bumblauskas, PFC Services, Inc.
paper details the management techniques required to supervise multiple
technical projects simultaneously. Project managers are often required
to manage multiple projects simultaneously. Lessons can be learned from
a “demand-based,” approach used to identify the needs of the client and
their customers to drive successful project deliverables.

Mediating Role of Social Sustainability Performance on Reputation

Robert Sroufe, Duquesne University; Venugopal Gopalakrishna-Remani, University of Texas at Tyler
PLS analysis of fortune 500 companies reveals that sustainability
management leads to improved social sustainability performance and
thereby leads to improved sustainability reputation.

Mobile Users’ Perception and Adoption of Biometric Authentication

Sun Gi Chun, Alabama State University; Dalsang Chung, Governors State University
do smartphone users protect the sensitive information being kept on the
device? Usually biometric authentication is presumed to be more secure
regardless of convenience and usability. In the paper, a survey was
conducted to examine mobile users’ perception on biometric
authentication methods and their adoption.

MOOCs: The Enduring Importance of “Teacher Presence”

Abbas Foroughi, University of Southern Indiana
paper explores the role of the teacher in MOOCs and presents highlights
from MOOC implementations, research, and teachers’ insights. Although
some MOOC developers minimalize the teacher’s role, MOOC researchers,
instructors, and participants support the idea that the teacher is no
less important than in other learning environments.

Multivariate Nonparametric versus Time Series Approaches for Time-Varying Risk Hedging

An-Sing Chen, National Chung Cheng University; Mark Leung; Ching-Yun Chou, National Chung Cheng University
paper proposes a multivariate nonparametric approach for hedging
commodity price risk and compares its effectiveness with time series
GARCH approach and the un-hedged strategy. Our study also examines
impact of incorporating the coefficient of absolute risk aversion and
hedger’s transaction costs to the nonparametric and time series
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discuss in a financial market with jumps, with Lagrangian methods
taking into account to find out the possible optimal solutions. Then we
prove they are true. Finally, under the assumptions of deterministic
coefficients on the model, we obtain the optimal pair of
portfolio/consumption in an explicit feedback form

Optimizing Advance and Spot Selling Prices of Service Capacity in a Monopolistic Market

Hongkai Zhang, East Central University; Hani I Mesak, Louisiana Tech University; Jiehui Ma, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
profit function of a bivariate quadratic form is formulated in this
paper to determine the optimal pricing scheme for advance and spot
selling for a service provider in a monopolistic environment. The
impacts of price sensitivities on the optimal pricing scheme are
analytically examined.

Outsourcing, Governance Mechanisms and Customer Satisfaction in E-commerce

Abhijit Bhagwat, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Symbiosis International University, India; Tarikere Tulasidas Niranjan, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay
services play a critical role in online retailing environment. This
study examines how governance mechanisms influence the effects of
outsourcing on customer satisfaction. Propositions and framework are
presented which should help academicians and practitioners alike in
making desirable changes to their outsourced delivery services.
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Personalized Medicine and Stakeholders’ Perceptions

Adaeze Aroh; Teuta Cata, Northern Kentucky University
suffer the same form of illness but their responses to therapy may
differ greatly. This can be attributed to their genetics or other
environmental factors. Personalized Medicine may improve the outcomes
of treatment by understanding the individuals, causes of their disease,
and the best treatment for their cure.

Predictive Analytics for Chronic Diabetes Care

Ravi Behara, Florida Atlantic University; Ankur Agarwal, Florida Atlantic University; Vinaya Rao, Methodist University Hospital Transplant Institute; Christopher Baechle, Florida Atlantic University
this paper, we investigate diabetic patient condition prediction using
Multilayer Perceptron (MLP) and Bayesian Networks (BN). The dataset
used for evaluation was CDC-NHANES 2011-2012, which is a survey of
approximately 5,000 individuals. MLP networks were shown to have a
larger AUC, higher accuracy, and lower RMSE.

Project Management and Knowledge Acquisition: Highlighting Process Losses in Meeting and Between Meeting Activities

Deanna M. Kennedy, University of Washington Bothell; Meghann L. Drury-Grogan, Fordham University
waterfall and agile project management methods we study (1) process
losses to communication during meeting periods; and, (2) process losses
to self-study between meeting periods. We develop an agent-based model
and apply virtual experimentation to different process loss conditions.
Implications for research and practice are discussed.
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considering possible integration of processes and power dynamics in a
three-stage supply chain, we introduce six supply chain models with
different supply chain structures based on the principal-agent
paradigm. Then, we investigate their distinct characteristics, and we
reveal which supply chain structure yields superior R&D and market
doubt, individuals, organizations and governments acknowledge the
invaluable contributions of training to human capital development,
which, by extension, reflect in improved service delivery and
turn-over. It is no surprise,that every year, many of these
organizations commit substantial parts of their appropriations to
training and re-training of their staff.
between Culture, Work Method, Self-efficacy, and Performance: A
Comparison of the United States and the People’s Republic of China

Cha-Jan Chang, University of Nevada, Las Vegas; Reza Reza Torkzadeh; Zhi Xiao, Chongqing University; Honghui Deng
relationships between culture, work method, self-efficacy, and
individual performance were examined. Evidences suggest that
individualists performed better in group work and collectivists
performed better in individual work. The findings lead to a greater
understanding of how people’s self-efficacy and their actual
performance is influenced by culture and work method.

Relationship between Operational Efficiency and Financial Performance of Indian Banks: An Application of Analytics

Ramachandran Natarajan, Tennessee Tech University; Ravi Jain, Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Hyderabad Campus; Bhimaraya Metri, International Management Institute
paper investigates the relationship between operational efficiency and
financial performance of Indian Banks. Correlation and multiple
regression analytics were performed on the data from public and private
sector banks. Hypotheses were tested and results were interpreted.

Reshoring and Insourcing: Drivers and Future Research Directions

Kai Foerstl, German Graduate School; Jon Kirchoff, East Carolina University; Lydia Bals, Hochschule Mainz
decisions have been discussed in the popular press, but limited in the
academic literature. The purpose of this research is to explore the
underlying drivers of reshoring/insourcing decisions and to provide a
future research agenda to further analyze the impact of reshoring and
insourcing decisions on supply chain structures.

Rethinking Security in the World of Internet of Things

Derrick Huang, Florida Atlantic University; Ravi Behara, Florida Atlantic University; Jahyun Goo, Florida Atlantic University
the increasing popularity of Internet of Things, the security and
privacy issues are of significant concern to users and vendors alike.
In this study, we resort to existing literature in network topology,
outsourcing, and supply chain management to address the managerial and
inter-organizational issues of IoT security.

Role of Corporate Disclosure Practices on Firms Performance

Sidhartha S. Padhi, IIM Kozhikode; Vijay Aggarwal, MDI Gurgaon
objective of this study is to offer inclusive and conversant evidence
of present corporate disclosure practices (CDPs) and perceived
effectiveness of CDPs on firms’ performance and market functioning of
Indian manufacturing firms; by analyzing the perceptions of respondents
about extent of CDPs and its impact on firms’ performance.
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Scaling up Student Assessment: Issues and Solutions

Paul J. A. Van Vliet, University of Nebraska at Omaha
courses permit the enrollment of large numbers of students, which
forces instructors to address the problem of providing valid and
reliable assessments of student performance on a large scale. This
paper examines current efforts to scale up student assessment and
feedback in higher education.

SEM-Neural network modeling to predict the mobile commerce adoption in Oman

Sujeet Kumar Sharma, Sultan Qaboos University; Srikrishna Madhumohan Govindaluri, Sultan Qaboos University; Rajan Yadav, Delhi Technological University
paper examines key determinants of consumer intention to adopt
m-commerce services. Based on TAM and UTAUT, research model is
developed. Research model was tested using survey data. Data were
analyzed using SEM and neural network. Findings suggest that social
influence and variety of services are important predictors of mobile
the contextual changes in healthcare, physicians should share medical
process knowledge with their colleagues in the same specialty practice
group to further improve healthcare performance. We propose a research
model based on the Theory of Planned Behavior to explore the
contributing factors and performance consequence of knowledge sharing

Six Sigma vs. Performance Solutions By Milliken

Mark McMurtrey, University of Central Arkansas
improvement plays a huge role in managing processes and developing best
practices. The two types or methodologies that will be examined here
are Six Sigma and, perhaps the less well known, Performance Solutions
by Milliken. This paper focuses on the dual use of them by a
world-class manufacturer.

Social Media Management Strategies and Service Operations

Run Niu, Webster University; Ying Fan, University of Colorado Colorado Springs
investigate social media management strategies of service businesses.
Interviews with 14 service businesses showed that social media
management has escalated to an important daily responsibility of
managers. Used for different purposes towards different customer
groups, social media can be categorized into two groups based on
different content generation mechanisms.
paper applies a structural contingency perspective toward the problem
of operations specialization under conditions of uncertainty.
Generally, more environmental uncertainty reduces the degree of
specialization associated with effective adaptation. The concept of
organizational slack is employed to propose various slack orientations
that offer adaptive capacity for specialized operations.

Stakeholder Quality Management in Open Government Information Technology Projects

Malcolm Joseph; Mahesh Raisinghani; Fen Wang, Central Washington University; Xinbao Wang
paper analyzes the quality management practices being used to manage
stakeholder quality in open government IT projects. The paper
determines that stakeholders of the open government IT projects have
been successfully solicited most of the time, but there are
improvements that can be made to the current processes.

Statistics and Big Data – Will they Tango?

Rakesh Srikant Kulkarni, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay; Tarikere Tulasidas Niranjan, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay
the advent of big data technologies and the excitement they have
managed to generate, companies and research institutions alike have
taken a fascination to big data. We determine the acceptability of big
data among Statisticians and whether big data technologies would evolve
to become amenable to use by Statisticians.

Students’ Perception of a Blended Learning Environment

Tuncay Bayrak, Western New England University; Bahadir Akcam, Western New England University
training and testing platforms provide opportunities for students to
leverage the capabilities of various information and communication
technologies to engage in self-directed learning. The purpose of the
study is to develop an instrument which would help measure the impact
of a web-based blended learning platform on student learning
Uncertainty and firm economic performance in developing economy
environments: Examining the role of buyer-supplier relationships

Kwasi Amoako-Gyampah, University of North Carolina at Greensboro; Kwabena Gyasi Boakye, Georgia Southern University; Samuel Famiyeh, Ghana Institute of Management & Public Administration; Ebenezer Adaku, Ghana Institute of Management & Public Administration
cost economics theory suggests that firms alter their governance
structures with suppliers in an environment of high uncertainty. Using
data from firms in Ghana, we demonstrate with supply uncertainty, a
governance structure that emphasizes supplier relationship management
will lead to enhanced competitive capabilities and increased firm
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Testing the Moderation Effects of Governance Mechanisms on Strategy, Structure/Processes and Performance in Hospitals

David D Dobrzykowski, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey; Kathleen L. McFadden, Northern Illinois University; Mark Vonderembse, University of Toledo
conceptualize governance in healthcare delivery as a supply chain
problem and investigate relationships among strategy,
structure/processes and performance. Findings from 302 acute care USA
hospitals reveal links among lean strategy, integration, efficiency and
patient satisfaction. The moderation effects of trust and physician
employment are revealed as governance mechanisms.
are responding to the advancements in data analytics by creating
programs at various levels. A cross-college undergraduate program in
data analytics is described. The core of the program is computer
science and statistics. The major includes a specialty area, such as
bioinformatics, marketing, or economics.

The Association between Operational Glitches and External Quality Failures: The Mitigating Role of Transactive Memory Systems

Diogo Cotta, IE Business School; Fabrizio Salvador, IE Business School; Johnny Rungtusanatham, The Ohio State University
argue that firms that make use of a transactive memory system when
facing unexpected situations are better able to prevent operational
glitches from becoming external quality failures. We test this
hypothesis on a sample of European industrial manufacturers through a
survey of multiple informants from each firm.
paper attempts to summarize the neuroscience associated with routine
decisions, or habits, and examine how those findings align with the
established views of moral development such as those attributed to
Aristotle (350 B.C.), Kohlberg (1984), Callahan (1988), and Starratt

The Effect of Ambiculturality on Innovation and Firm Performance

Yousef Abdulsalam, Arizona State University; Jie McCardle, Idaho State University; Dennis Krumwiede, Idaho State University; Thomas Kull, Arizona State University
build on the concept of ambiculturality to develop hypotheses
describing why ambicultural firms both develop innovation capabilities
and achieve financial performance. The results suggest that when firms
are able to balance multiple cultural contrasts, they are able to
capitalize on innovation opportunities, and improve firm performance.

The Effect of Corporate Social Responsibility Strengths and Concerns on Financial Performance: MNEs vs. U.S. Domestic Firms

Albi Alikaj, Texas A&M International University; Cau Ngoc Nguyen, Texas A&M International University; Efrain Medina, Texas A&M International University
distinguish between CSR concerns and strengths to explore their
relationship with firm financial performance. Additionally, we test
whether the relationship between CSR and firm performance is moderated
by the type of the firm in terms of being multinational or domestic.
562 firms are analyzed using a path analysis.

The Effect of Industry Concentration and R&D on Corporate Social Responsibility and Firm Financial Performance

Albi Alikaj, Texas A&M International University; Cau Ngoc Nguyen, Texas A&M International University; Wei Ning, Texas A&M International University
this paper, we examine how an external factor such as industry
concentration affects investments in CSR. We also combine the effect of
industry concentration with that of R&D intensity, an internal
resource, to examine the dual effect on CSR as well as on firm
financial performance.
calculate the industry-specify real effective exchange rate (IREER) of
china manufacture department and analyze the effect of IREER movements
on total factor productivity (TFP). The research shows that, depending
on the position of the firms in the TFP distribution, IREER has
significant positive or negative impact on the TFP.

The Effects of Decision-Maker Characteristics on Search Effort in Mobile Application Adoption

Fengkun Liu, Kent State University; Alan Brandyberry, Kent State University; Mary Hogue, Kent State University; Greta Polites, Kent State University; Tuo Wang, Kent State University
study investigates the effect of decision-makers’ characteristics on
the level of search effort employed when adopting mobile apps. Our
results show that their level of search effort is found to differ based
on other personal characteristics such as innovativeness, technological
self-efficacy, and resource constraints.

The Effects of Internal Marketing on Market Orientation and Its Antecedents: A Hierarchical Linear Model

Eldon Y. Li, National Chengchi University; Kiekang Chao, National Chengchi University; Chia-Chang Liu, National Chengchi University
study proposes a multilevel model to depict the causal relationships of
market orientation behavior (MOB) with internal marketing, knowledge
integration, relationship quality, relational bond (RB), and
organizational citizenship behavior (OCB). A total of 471 valid
responses from employees of 47 banks were collected and analyzed with
HLM software.

The Evolution of the Three Pillars of Sustainability

Azadeh Zamanian, University of Texas – Rio Grand Valley; Hale Kaynak, The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
the past three decades, implementation of sustainability practices have
been widely discussed; however, its evolution has not been explored.
Investigating the sustainability practices of nine firms listed in the
Dow Jones Sustainability Index, this study indicates that the focus on
environmental sustainability has outpaced social and economic
study how the choice of product architecture decisions, from integral
to modular designs, influences the global operations network design. We
perform a multiple-case study of ten products at three global
manufacturing companies and their respective global operations networks
and find some significant differences.
Impact of Hostile Environment Sexual Harassment Ubiquity and Frequency
on Attitude towards Absenteeism and Actual Absenteeism

Albi Alikaj, Texas A&M International University; Prity Patel, Texas A&M International University; Jacqueline Mayfield, Texas A&M International University; Milton Mayfield, Texas A&M International University
study measures the relationship between hostile environment sexual
harassment (HE:SH) and absenteeism. We measure two major aspects of
HE:SH, ubiquity and frequency, as well as attitude towards absenteeism.
We found that attitude towards absenteeism mediates the relationship
between HE:SH frequency (but not ubiquity) and actual absenteeism.

The Impact of Training Upon Information Systems Security Awareness: An Empirical Investigation

Charles Foltz, University of Tennessee at Martin; Laura Foltz, University of Tennessee at Martin
research examines the impact of information systems security training
upon non-malicious insiders at various organizational levels. The
transfer of knowledge attributed to these training programs will be
evaluated utilizing both quantitative and qualitative methodologies
including a simulated phishing attack.
examined how employees’ perceptions regarding frequency and impact of
change influence change-specific cynicism, and in turn, their turnover
intentions under continuous change. Data were collected from 350
employees in six outsourcing companies. Results indicated that
employees’ change perceptions predicted turnover intentions, and
change-specific cynicism fully mediated this relationship.

The Mediating Role of ERP-enabled Application Integration on ERP Benefit

Joseph K Nwankpa, The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley; Yaman Roumani, Eastern Michigan University
study proposed that existing ERP factors, namely current ERP
performance and extent of ERP implementation, affect ERP-enabled
application integration, which in turn influences overall ERP benefits.
A firm-level survey was used to collect data, and structural equation
modeling was used to test the hypotheses. The findings support the

The Mediating Role of Perceived Knowledge Update in an ERP Simulation Game

Mehdi Darban Hosseini Amirkhiz; Hongyan Liang, Kent State University; Dong-Heon Kwak; Mark Srite
study explores the mediating role of knowledge update in the context of
an ERP simulation game. Based on the expectancy-confirmation model,
this study suggests that the relationships among individual efforts,
perceived knowledge update, and involvement, will ultimately influence
willingness to learn about ERP systems.

The relationship between JIT, SCI and performance: An integrated perspective

Chen Liu, School of management, Xi’an Jiaotong University; Baofeng Huo; XIANDE ZHAO
study investigates the influences of JIT and SCI on
companies’performance, and the mechanism between JIT and SCI through
structural equation model method. Based on 317 samples, our findings
indicate JIT and SCI differently impact on cost and service
performance. Supplier integration relates to performance through
improving JIT.
study investigates how metacognition influences on expatriates’
adjustments and their outcomes under global forms of employment. This
study is designed to test the impacts of metacognitive ability on
expatriate adjustments by using structural equation modeling analysis.
The metacognitive mechanism on the relationship between expatriate’s
adjustment and performance is also discussed.
revitalization of the food truck industry presents an interesting
opportunity to study the competitive priorities of food trucks and how
they are related to mobility and menu configurations. This conceptual
paper presents four propositions on how location mobility and menu
decisions are related to a set of competitive priorities.

The Role of Interfirm Cultural Compatibility and Communication in Supply Chain Performance

Jie G. McCardle, Idaho State University; Tom Ottaway, Idaho State University; Dennis Krumwiede, Idaho State University
investigate the role of cultural compatibility in the context of supply
chain performance. Results from SEM analyses of data from 687
manufacturers show that interfirm cultural compatibility enhances
interfirm communication which is positively associated with supply
chain performance.
purpose of this study is to identify constructs associated with the
redesign of remanufactured products. The exploratory case study used in
this paper was based on the inductive research methodology. The product
redesign is divided into specific product redesign constructs as the
building blocks of our analysis.
paper investigates three critical managerial practices, advanced
manufacturing technology (AMT), flexible layout and process plans
(FLPP), and the establishment of learning relationship (LR), and their
impacts on MC in a manufacturing company. It also examines how the
market segment favorableness influences the relationship between mass
customization and firm performance.

The Study toward a Measure of Competitive priorities: Meta-Analysis

Thawatchai Jitpaiboon, Ball State University; Qiannong Gu, Ball State University; Dothang Truong, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
the process of defining competitive priorities is evolving, it is time
to revisit their critical dimensions. This study aims to identify and
assess critical dimensions of competitive priority and propose for
future research. Using a meta-analysis, the results show the
reliability is poorer in competitive priority research than other areas.

The Underlying SccoB Processes: knowledge mapping, knowledge micro analysis, and action threshold management

Theodore J. Randles, Eastern Kentucky University; William Miller, Georgia College & State University; Lutfus Sayeed, San Francisco State University
SccoB process balances, complements, compartmentalizes, and governs the
simultaneous and continuous creation of organization knowledge. To
achieve these higher mapping levels, the underlying SccoB processes,
which are described in this paper, provide a KBS development strategy
and a knowledge mapping process thereby serving as a strategic tool.

Top Management Team Member Related to CSR: Study on its Impact on Corporate Social Performance

Yungu Kang, Korea University Business School; Soolim Park, Korea University Business School; Jingoo Kang
use upper-echelon theory, attention-based view and AMO model to analyze
the impact of CSR related TMT members on CSP. We divide CSR related TMT
members into CSOs and TMT/CSR related board committee members and
analyze their influences on positive/negative CSP. Executive/KLD
ratings data for firms in S&P500 are used.
paper presents the results of a best-worst (or max-diff) survey-based
study evaluating the extent to which traditional frameworks of work
characteristics and managerial challenges in professional service
delivery are evident in management consultancy firms today. We propose
a contingent framework to better characterize professional service

Towards a Method for Calculating Detectability Score for a Supply Chain Risk: A Fuzzy TOPSIS and Fuzzy AHP Approach

Sayan Mukherjee, XLRI; T. A. S Vijayaraghavan, Xavier School of Management (XLRI); Rajiv Misra, Xavier School of Management (XLRI)
of risks and the severity are the two dimensions by which the
Supply-Chain-Risks have traditionally been described. Detectability has
recently been introduced as a very important third dimension. This
paper is an attempt at formulating a metric to measure the
detectability by using fuzzy TOPSIS and fuzzy AHP.

Tradeoff between Auction Duration and Revenue

Zhen Li, Middle Tennessee State University; Jinfeng Yue; Ching-Chung Kuo, University of North Texas
paper focuses on the Dutch auction design to maximize the auctioneer’s
expected revenue per unit of time by setting the optimal number of bid
levels and the corresponding asking prices. The constrained nonlinear
program is converted into an equivalent unconstrained problem to which
the steepest ascent method is applied.

Trading Durations and Realized Volatilities – A Case from Currency Markets

Gaurav Raizada, SJMSOM, IIT Bombay; S.V.D. Nageswara Rao, Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay
new class of arbitrage bounds derived from the difference in traded
time of previously locally traded assets in Geographically Separate
Exchanges is being proposed. We show that Realized Volatility is higher
in Offshore Exchanges emanating from the fact that they trade for far
longer durations that Onshore Exchanges do.
paper uses several variables that have demonstrated relationships to
the S&P 500 and studies their influence over time. We build models
for each of nine years and test them on the following year. The models
explanatory power and variable selection fluctuates from year to year.
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Unraveling the Lead-Time Uncertainty Paradox

John E. Tyworth, Penn State University; John Saldanha, West Virginia University
certain conditions the normal approximation of lead-time demand
paradoxically increases rather than decreases safety stock when
increasing lead-time reliability. We investigate three conditions
necessary to observe this uncertainty paradox. We show that the normal
approximation prescriptions are not flawed, but appropriate—even when
the three conditions are valid.

Users Participation in Social Media Based Brand Communities: A Dynamic Perspective

Xiaoyun He, Auburn University at Montgomery; Feng Zhang, St. Mary’s University; Arash Negahban, California State University, Chico
fast growing Social Media based Brand Community (SMBC) is expected to
be conducive to better organizational outcomes. However, there is
limited understanding of the dynamic relationships between users’
participation reflected by their sharing and commenting activities and
the growth rate of SMBCs. In this study, we examine these relationships.

Using social media to improve entrepreneurial customer interactions, customer capital and business performance

Yan Jin, Elizabeth City State University; Erika Marsillac, Old Dominion University
on theories of social capital and planned behavior, this paper develops
a model explaining the social media-based entrepreneur-customer
interaction and depicting the cognitive process of an entrepreneur’s
adoption of social media and the influence of that adoption on business
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Value and Motive Content of Stories in Children’s Readers of the Peoples Republic of China (PRC): 1950-2000n

Steven D. Silver, California State University, San Jose; Yan Gao, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
use newly available resources of historical children’s readers from the
Peoples Republic of China (PRC) to examine trends in
consumption-related values and motives across regimes. The measures
that we assess introduce new scales for values in the use of
conventional vs. informational goods and measures of social motives.
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What drives social network sites penetration and adoption? A cross country analysis

Jie Zhang, University of texas at Arlington; Xianghua Wu; Godwin Udo, University of Texas at El Paso; Kallol Bagchi, University of Texas at El Paso
The present study investigates the effects of four factors (Internet users, mobile users, GDP per
capital, and governance index) on SN adoption using three regression models on data sets from
two clusters of nations (high income and low-medium income).

What promotes the adoption of social media in the teaching of IS/ICT and what constrains it? – Students’ perspective

Kerstin Siakas, ATEI of Thessaloniki; Pekka Makkonen, University of Jyvaskyla; Elli Georgiadou, Middlesex University; Harjinder Rahanu, Middlesex University
paper discusses the use of social media in education and especially in
IS/ICT education. The aim has been to identify bottlenecks and success
factors in the adoption of social media in IS/ICT classes. The study
was based on the unified technology adoption approach.

Work-Life Integration Benefits: An Exploratory Study of Selected Employee Outcomes

Wei Ning, Texas A&M International University; Efrain Medina, Texas A&M International University; Jacqueline Mayfield, Texas A&M International University; Milton Mayfield, Texas A&M International University
has not been a study investigating and compares the effectiveness of
work-life benefits. The current study contributes to the work-life
literature by identifying the work-life benefits that are more
influential on employee outcomes. The results show that there is no
best work-life benefit. Implications and limitations are also discussed.
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3D Printing in Logistics

Dara Schniederjans, University of Rhode Island
research is needed regarding adoption of 3D printing especially among
logistics organizations. Two research questions are addressed: how does
the organizational innovation adoption category impact 3D printing
adoption, and how do the perceived characteristics of 3D printing
impact adoption?