DSI Clinical Faculty Career Consortium Highlights

A thoughtful conversation on individual choices and institutional structure related to non-tenure-track faculty.
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Carrie Queenan – Jack Jensen – Eric C. Larson – Satish Nargundkar – Jan Zantinga

Covid-19: Lessons and Opportunities for Teaching Online

Making the most of the new normal.
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Geoffrey F. Dick.

Study Looks at Ways FEMA Can Improve Data-based Decisions

Reimagining the facility location decision in times of crisis.
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Julia Moline – Jarrod Goentzel – Erica L. Gralla

Here’s Why Rewards Programs Work for Retailers

Rewards programs with delayed discounts affect shopper behavior in ways that can yield greater-than-expected profits for the business.
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Monire Jalili – Mike Pangburn

Student Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities for the Supply Chain Industry 4.0

Find out what emerging skills and competencies employees (students!) need to succeed in Industry 4.0.
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John K. Visich – Pedro M. Reyes – Chris Roethlein
– Michael Gravier

Bonus Content

This section provides links to resources that may be of interest to our readers. 
In keeping with the annual meeting theme,
this issue’s links share tools and resources related to fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion in teaching and learning.

How to Make Your Teaching
More Inclusive

Chronicle of Higher Education

Diversity and Inclusion Syllabus Statements
Sheridan Center for Teaching
and Learning, Brown University

Supporting an Inclusive Conversation
Center for Teaching, Learning,
and Technology, Cal Poly

Classroom Dynamics
Bok Center for Teaching and Learning, 
Harvard University

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