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Decision Sciences Insights

Decision Sciences Insights is the professional development magazine of DSI. Insights publishes four issues per year, covering a wide range of topics that have practical relevance to a variety of audiences. Insights welcomes contributions related to teaching and learning, research in the decision sciences, and professional development.

DS Insights

Volume 1, Issue 2

The Editorial Board Members are:

Kathryn Zuckweiler | Midwestern State University | Editor
Krishna S. Dhir | Szechenyi Istvan University
Bob McQuaid | Pepperdine University
Mehmet G. Yalcin | University of Rhode Island

Enjoy these video selections from our 2021 DSI conference.

Building Transparency in Supply Chains using a Layered Approach

The research project is at the cutting edge of innovative supply chain research and data analytics and represents a novel and appealing approach to understanding how supply chain networks evolve over time.

Penina Orenstein and Petar Mikevski

Vax Ensemble: Six Core OM Applications Drawn from the COVID Vaccination Effort

This presentation describes six OM applications drawn from actual COVID vaccination clinic data that help students learn the concepts and application of forecasting, facility design, inventory management, aggregate planning, MRP, and lean.

Natalie Simpson

The Fog of Entrepreneurship: Ambiguity in Entrepreneurial Decision Making

From Dilbert to Squid Game, this presentation challenges us to rethink our understanding of risk-taking and consider the wide scope of this lens for scholars looking at entrepreneurship.

Jacqueline Csonka-Peeren and Norris Krueger

The Cuteness Factor in Product Sustainability Innovation

This presentation discusses research approaching product development for sustainable consumption from a fresh, unique, and innovative perspective.

Alexis Yim and Ednilson Bernardes

Transitioning from Supplier Diversity to Economic Inclusion: A Sustainable Model Driving Social Impact and Business Value

This presentation provides insightful perspectives on the timely and impactful issue of diversity applied to supply bases. The discussion is engaging and provides much food for thought.

Wendy Tate

Big Data Analytics Using Network Science

This presentation describes the use of network science for analyzing data with high dimensionality and the need to introduce network science in classrooms.

Pankush Kalgotra and Ramesh Sharda

Donations for Refugee Crisis: In-kind Versus Cash Assistance

This presentation proposes an innovative and implementable policy which aligns the incentives of the retailer and the HO-government partnership.

Telesilla Kotsi, Owen Wu and Alfonso Pedraza-Martinez

Risk Assessment in Entrepreneurship: Attitude to Ambiguity

This presentation describes a novel approach to entrepreneurial practice, namely, how to help an entrepreneur cope with a risky decision that has many “unknowables,” or much probabilistic ambiguity.

Jacqueline Csonka-Peeren

Bonus Content

This section provides links to resources that may be of interest to our readers. In keeping with the 2021 DSI Annual Conference theme, this issue’s links share tools and resources related to fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion in teaching and learning.

How to Make Your Teaching More Inclusive

Chronicle of Higher Education

Diversity and Inclusion Syllabus Statements

Sheridan Center for Teaching and Learning Brown University

Supporting an Inclusive Conversation

Center for Teaching, Learning, and Technology, Cal Poly

Classroom Dynamics

Bok Center for Teaching and Learning, Harvard University